Friday, May 27, 2011

let the love "flow"

abducted  cults

jacob came down to arizona to take our engagements last weekend, and we had such a blast. i can't wait to see them! our photographer really coached us to just be natural and let the love "flow" while she shot our pics. jacob really took that advice and ran with it-- sometimes i even forgot the camera was there.

also while he was down, besides taking him to this awesome sushi place in tempe (the kind with the revolving, conveyor belt sushi bar. SUSHI PARADE!!), we went to the rainforest cafe (the one with the robotic jungle animals) and then saw this movie. . .

pretty entertaning, and a perfect holli & jacob movie to see. still, i think i still liked the Last Lions better. both seemed to have the same theme though: "the most powerful force in nature is a mother's love." pretty touching stuff, guys. The Last Lions is just a more dramatic tale-- i mean, i shed tears. i shed tears in a nature film. maybe i'm turning into a softie, but i also think the intensity of The Last Lions had something to do with the british narration. for some reason, samuel l. jackson (disney nature's choice of narrator) just didn't have the same "hold onto your butts" quality that he usually does. still loved the movie though-- but how could I not? those baby cheetah cubs are just stupid-cute.

 snapshot of Jacob on Skype. . . "Is this REAL LIFE????"

i hated taking jacob back to the airport. i sat and watched him walk through security until it made me depressed, but it was fun to be there waving at him and blowing kisses every time he turned around. now i just have to miss my best friend for a little bit longer. until then, there's always Skype. it's always good to see that face.

if anyone knows where i got the title of this post, you are officially the coolest kid i know.

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becky+cade said...

i'm so sorry. being away from your fiance {are you used to saying that yet?! (: } & best friend is SO SO hard. i do not wish to repeat that part of my life! ha ha! so thankful for the modern technology of skype!!!