Sunday, March 9, 2014

Scripture of the Week - Mosiah 4:9

Back in January, I made a goal that I wanted to pick one scripture every week, focus on it, and try to memorize it  if not the whole scripture, at least the reference. Of course, here we are in March already, and I've only gone through one scripture. I wrote it on a little index card and it's been sitting on our fridge for the last two months where I see it countless times every day.

Granted, I have memorized it. Win. I also recognize that this scripture has been a great comfort to me for the last two months, reminding me that I don't have to understand everything now  that I am in God's hands. It's something I've repeated through my head hundreds of times. Though I've slacked on my goal, I can already see that the effort has been valuable. Double-win.

Still, I'd like to try to get back on track. Perhaps making record of it on the blog will hold me more accountable?


FYI, I'm choosing the scripture each week from the Preach My Gospel manual.