Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My inspiration.
This sista' is the ultimate blog dawg.

So how is everyone?

I guess it is about time that I got myself one of these, right? It's pretty much all the rage nowadays. I'm excited  to rediscover the world of blogging. I was once an avid blogger back in high school. My Xanga site was pretty ridiculous, except... I found out that it still exists. Me and Megan were reading a bunch of my entries from my junior year in high school, and we got a pretty good kick out of it. Talk about a trip down down memory lane! So it is still floating out there in cyberspace, so you can check it if you want.  It's here. The only thing is that you have to go down to the bottom right corner and click "Next 5"  about 2  or 3 times before you get to anything remotely interesting. I kind of used the blog as a storage device for my homework assignments, so i could copy, paste, and print elsewhere when our fambly printer was busted. But if you want, you can read my high school analysis of The Catcher in the Rye, My info on the endocrine system, or my personal narrative, The Couch Revolution. haha. 

Anyway, university life is going swell, as usual. All of my roomies are really tight, and we already get along great! Our FHE brothers are pretty awesome as well. We have this great dinner group Mon-Thurs, which means I only have to make dinner every 2 1/2 weeks (besides sundays and on weekends we tend to eat out). Last week I made Jheri's baked ziti, and it was a hit!  Thanks Jher.

School is really great. I'm loving my classes. Yesterday in HUM 251, we were discussing this really cool poetry. I was so into it! I don't think I have ever raised my hand so many times with comments before in my life. I'm sure everyone was getting sick of me. ha. 

It is also very, very, very cold. I find myself repeatedly asking Megan when the snow is going to start melting, and getting the same disappointing answers. When it snows, my initial reaction is, "Wow, that's pretty.... "     and then        "......oh crap. I have to walk to school in that." I hate snow! And I'm pretty sure I'm the only person walking through it in wedge heels.

Living with roommates is interesting because they always notice the weird things that I do that are just habits of mine. For instance, the other day my roommate Amy was freaking out because apparently I brush my teeth looking very serene; eyes closed and humming. Never noticed it before, but yeah, it's a habit. My theory: I close my eyes while I brush my teeth because, subconsciously, I don't think I like to look at myself in the mirror while I brush my teeth. It just looks weird.

I also killed a spider for Megan and Amy yesterday. I heard these crazy screams (when you live with Megan and Amy, that could mean anything), so I paid no mind to it. Then they were calling my name. It was just an innocent lil' spider mindin' his own business in Megan's closet. NBD, right? WRONG! I guess it was up to me to exterminate the defenseless arachnid. All it really took was a little TP and FLUSH. Child's play. 

Okay. Well, I'm gonna try to keep ya'll updated with the weekly word from up here in P-town. I'm also gonna post some more pics when I feel like it. 

Peace and love.


Here's me right now. 
Pic  from the camera on my Macbook.

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"Reading is a very FRESH way to learn!"