Friday, January 30, 2009

Arachnophilia (A friendly love of Spiders)

I want to thank Alison for showing me this poem. It is definitely a favorite...

And thank you, Google images, for finding me the perfect picture to go with it. 


Tarantulas on the Lifebuoy


For some semitropical reason
when the rains fall
relentlessly they fall

into swimming pools, these otherwise
bright and scary
arachnids. They can swim
a little, but not for long

and they can’t climb the ladder out.
They usually drown—but
if you want their favor,
if you believe there is justice,
a reward for not loving

the death of ugly
and even dangerous (the eel, hog snake,
rats) creatures, if

you believe these things, then
you would leave a lifebuoy
or two in your swimming pool at night.

And in the morning
you would haul ashore
the huddled, hairy survivors

and escort them
back to the bush, and know,
be assured that at least these saved,
as individuals, would not turn up

again someday
in your hat, drawer,
or the tangled underworld

of your socks, and that even—
when your belief in justice
merges with your belief in dreams—
they may tell the others

in a sign language
four times as subtle
and complicated as man’s

that you are good,
that you love them,
that you would save them again.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Glow Worm

"We are all worms...


But I do believe I am a glow worm."

--Winston Churchill

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Come Sail Away With Me... into 2009!!!

Approaching the end of 2008. I was kind of dreading New Year's eve. It sounds strange, but it is just a holiday that I do not enjoy. It's always the same. You end up at someone's house or a party, and you try really hard to have fun, but its always mediocre. Of course there have been a few highlights over the years: my secret crush danced with me on the last song at the stake new year's party when I was twelve, being relieved when the world didn't end as we entered the millennium, cops lining all of my 15  year-old friends in front of the house because we were shooting off fireworks, and other random memories associated with new year's. Still, the holiday usually leaves me unsatisfied. I had come to the conclusion that New Year's Eve, like St. Patrick's Day, is a holiday that can only be thoroughly enjoyed by those who drink alcohol excessively. Because I am not included in this category, why try?? This year, I was determined not to participate in any traditional New Year's Eve festivities. No parties. No friends. No fireworks. No YSA dances. Maybe even no Martinelli's. I decided the only way I could really enjoy entering the new year was to stay home and have a LOST marathon. I was immovable in this decision to have a self-indulgent, anti-social holiday, and was not about to change my mind...


My little little brother, Skyler, informed me that one of our favorite local bands was playing at the Fiesta Bowl Block party on New Year's. This left me scratching my head. I really like this band and wanted to see them, but what could be more typical of a new year's celebration than a block party with a bunch of crazy drunk ASU students everywhere? I wasn't convinced. Sky told me about some other good bands that would be playing that night, but I was still unmoved. "Oh yeah, and STYX is headlining on the main stage," he said. All of my previous convictions were suddenly meaningless. I was going to the Fiesta Bowl Block Party to see Styx.

This is the first act we saw play at the block party. This guy is Carvin Jones, a famous guitarist from Phoenix. He played with some serious style.
This is Skyler being a dorky fan. 
How embarrassing.
After that, we went to the "Hottest College Bands" stage, and we saw a band called What Laura Says. Sky and I have seen them open for Dear and the Headlights a couple of times. They played a fun set, including an awesome cover of The Beatles' "I Want You." Awesome.
After that, we went back to the main stage and watched the band that opened for Styx. I would rather not talk about them. They were really lame and did not deserve the honor of opening for such a legendary band. There were cool fireworks though, which compensated for the lame performance. I also caught a T-shirt, which was kind of funny.
This empty stage was enough to get me excited . Check the huge drum set and the stacks of Marshall amps!!!
So these guys are definitely in their 50s and 60s. So insane.
The keyboardist is basically my new hero. He was like Beethoven reborn as a rock star.

Yeah, he is singing on top of his keyboard. So tight.
Pretty blurry, but this was a really great moment.
Confetti, fireworks, and styx. I cannot think of a better way to usher in the New Year.

So Good!

Skyler got his face melted.

Basically, it was the best New Year's Eve of my life. I'm not sure if any other New Year's will ever top this experience. My last hour of 2008 and my first hour of 2009 was spent with some of my greatest rock heroes jamming so hard! I can't get over it! Basically all my dreams have come true, and I have a feeling 2009 is going to be a great year. It got off to a great start.

MAKE IT MINE, 2009!!!