Tuesday, December 15, 2009


No I didn't. . .
But I've thought about it A LOT.
I'm so bored with my one, good-for-nuthin' hairstyle that I tried about 30 new ones-- digitally.

These fabulous styles were all inspired by the hottest celebrities of our day:

(please don't take any of this too seriously)

Michelle Obama
Hope and Change!!!

To me this one says "Hot Hair, Hot Husband, Cool New Life."

J Lo
 A new "do" can be a big ASSet.

Uhhhh. . . forgot who this is,
but she's got some WILD hair.


Amy Adams
Enchanting??. . . pfff!

Drew Barrymore
Josie Grossy?? I don't think so!!

Some Disney chick with a glam ponytail.

Victoria Beckham
Zizazig Ha!

Taylor Swift
I'm just "sneakers in the bleachers" *sigh*

Cameron Diaz
la la la la la. . .

Debra Messing
I would love to pull off golden red hair.
This one kind of looks pageant girl.

I'm just an orange county guuurl.

"I don't even really like attention on me. . ."

Zooey Deschanel
oooooh, indie, hipster icon!

Keira Knightley
Yeah, I think only hot chicks can pull this one off. . .

Julia Roberts
da na na na naaaa! Pretty Woman!

Christina Hendricks

Hillary Clinton
(sans pantsuit)

Jennifer Garner
"thirty, flirty, and thriving!"

Katie Holmes
"ooooh. . . I'm Katie Holmes! I'm Married to Tom Cruise!! Oooooh!!!"

Lady Gaga
nuff said.

Sarah Palin
Oh Sarah. . .   everyone hates you but me.

Farrah Fawcett
May your perfectly feathered locks R.I.P

Jennifer Connelly
Really wish I could make a braid around my head
with this thick, shiny black hair.

Well, what do you guys think about this??
Should I go for one of these?????

I'm kind of embarrassed about how much fun I had with this.
Probably a little too much fun. . .
Try it for yourself here!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sail Away with Me

So I found this post from July that I never published. I guess I just forgot about it, but rediscovering these pictures just warmed my heart on this icy cold morning in Utah. While in Singapore, my uncle took us sailing. he took us out to a little island called Lazarus, where we doe in the water to take a swim. It was warm. It was beautiful. Transport me back into these pictures!

Don let me steer.

Life is so hard.


After our wonderful sail we got to relax at the Country Club!
Wow. What a fantastic day that was.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

BONK! in the Bounce House

Poor little Noah bonked his head while playing with Sky in the Bounce House on Thanksgiving. . .

awww. . . he looks so defeated.
I love this kid.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Son House

My achey heart knows this is blues.

I love the simplicity of old blues music. Well, I don't want to call it simple. It's just stripped, raw, and cuts right to the core. I don't even know what it is exactly, but this guy's got it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Diana + disposable camera pics

I broke my Sony digital camera while I was in the west of England. Though this was a bit devastating, especially since the scenery was entirely breath-taking, I got to use my Diana as well as a disposable camera that I picked up at a grocery store at one of our bus stops. They are pretty crappy, but maybe a few are crappy in a charming way.


Here's the disposable pics. . .