Friday, December 11, 2009

Sail Away with Me

So I found this post from July that I never published. I guess I just forgot about it, but rediscovering these pictures just warmed my heart on this icy cold morning in Utah. While in Singapore, my uncle took us sailing. he took us out to a little island called Lazarus, where we doe in the water to take a swim. It was warm. It was beautiful. Transport me back into these pictures!

Don let me steer.

Life is so hard.


After our wonderful sail we got to relax at the Country Club!
Wow. What a fantastic day that was.


Jordyn said...

Guhhhhh summertime and swimming and SINGAPORE Holli you are awesome. I just wish it were at least one of those S's right now

Myke said...

I really want to learn how to sail/live on a sailboat.

Chase & Tricia said...

Wow! Thanks for posting these pictures! It looks like so much fun.