Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wedding day: the reception

When I walked into the Val Vista Lakes Clubhouse, I had no idea what it was going to look like. A few months earlier, I basically met with our decorator, told her my colors and some flowers that I like, and just hoped it would all turn out something like I had wanted. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. It was more beautiful than I could have imagined.

I loved my reception. Sometimes I wish I could go back and freeze time, so I could just walk around and look at all the beautiful flowers and decorations again, eat more of that delicious food, and say hi to every single person there. It all went so fast. Thanks to my wonderful photographer (, I've got the closest thing to that dream in these lovely photos.

The cake was beautiful. I wanted it to look both traditional and modern, and I think it really worked out. The best part about it was that our cake decorator made it out of real whipped cream instead of fondant, so it actually looked pretty and tasted good!

Our lovely rings, both in rose gold.
I believe this is Megan (best friend/sister-in-law) modeling them for us.

my bouquet

Some of Jacob's friends who traveled to be at the reception.

My lovely grandma, Gloria.

I really think some of the most stunning photos were of the wedding cake. so lovely.

the band. they look so perfect in their matching getup.

+ courtney cotter, their lovely and talented guest pianist

Jacob's lovely grandma


During the band's first song, we got up and danced with all the kiddies

the daddy-daughter + mom and son dance

mine and Jacob's first dance as a married couple.

we danced to the band's rendition of "at last" by etta james.

baby crew

jacob gets some last-minute advice from alex. . .

The whole night was so perfect. I never wanted it to end. In preparation for the wedding day, a lot of people told me, "just be prepared for something to go wrong. don't let it ruin your day, but something will go wrong." I took this advice to heart, but surprisingly, I think everything went right. It all seemed so perfect, and I loved every moment. I will always think fondly of my wedding day and cherish the memories. Thank you, everyone who shared it with us. Love you lots.