Thursday, September 22, 2011

wedding day: the temple

walking out of the mesa temple as a newly married couple was the most amazing feeling. the happiness was tremendous.

 when we first kissed outside on the steps of the temple, my little nephew (the one who is always scolding us about kissing) leaned over to my sister and asked, "aren't they supposed to kiss longer than that?" so funny.

all our fans


 my fam (+ some friends)

 his fam

my precious lil' niece, kate 

hale fam in front of the temple

Our sealing in the temple is what made the rest of the wedding day special. i am convinced that nothing could've "ruined" my day after that beautiful experience. for instance, i am pretty sure it was scorching hot while we taking these wedding photos-- but look at my face! i am so happy, i can't even feel it!

i wasn't expecting a lot for the temple sealing-- only because so many people have told me it is a very short and simple ceremony. but wow. just walking into the sealing room filled with our friends and family members moved me to tears. and the ceremony itself was simple, yes, but so beautiful. without a doubt, the most powerful experience of my life. i will never forget the way i felt. there's nothing like sitting across the altar from the one you love and being sealed for time and all eternity.

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leean robinson said...

I love the way you write. And I know exactly the way you were feeling that day. Just remembering our own wedding day still brings a smile to my face and an incredible feeling of love for my own sweetheart. I know it seems hard to comprehend now, but you will grow to love Jacob even more over the years as you progress together on this journey called life. Love you guys!