Thursday, September 15, 2011

winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Last weekend, Jacob and I did the unthinkable-- we shared a 50 piece order of McDoanld's chicken mcnuggets for just $9.99. We had been talking about this for a long time, but I found that you will never feel completely "prepared" for this kind of undertaking. You just have to brave it.

 a beautiful sight.

Holli vs. Mcnuggets

25 for Jacob. 25 for me. and no one was allowed to leave until every last nugget was gone. we also sampled every single kind of McDoanld's dipping sauce, so now I am pretty much an expert in this area. I'll  give you the low-down on the situation:

  1.  sweet n' sour sauce: can't go wrong! this stuff seriously brings me back to my days of happy meals-- when all that mattered was the teenie beanie baby in the bag and the liquid gold that smothered my mcnugget. it's sweet. it's sour. it's timeless.
  2. hot mustard: i had never seen this flavor before, but it was surprisingly good. granted, it doesn't deviate far from its description-- it tastes very much like hot. . . mustard. but not even that hot. some might say common, but some might say bold. jacob and i approved-- and sloshed our nuggets with it.
  3. tangy barbeque: FAIL!!! this one was such a let down. first of all, because it sounded like something i would want to inhale. i love tangy! i love bbq! i will obviously love tangy bbq sauce--nope. all I can say is that it tasted like aftertaste. but maybe i am being too harsh. jacob said he liked it, but he also seemed to favor the other bbq variety, which brings me to. . .
  4. chipotle bbq: WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!! this was maybe my fav. i think me and jacob licked that lil' white tub clean. classic bbq flavor with just a hint of chipotle edge. has anyone else noticed how chipotle seems to be creeping its way into every food now? kinda trendy. a little chichi. mostly hip. PREDICTION: one day chiptole will take over the food market, and instead of 2 bbq flavors, there will be "chipotle bbq" and "tangy chipotle." bye bye tangy bbq--you can't stop the beat.
  5. creamy ranch: hold the phone--i can't really hate on ranch because there is really nothing wrong with it. it's classic, likeable, and always there when you need it. still, i think i've been "over" ranch since about 2001 (unless, of course, you are talking about the tomatillo/cilantro ranch form cafe rio-- aka "elixir of life"). I kinda feel about ranch the way i felt about jack johnson when he got all big. everyone seems to like him. there's nothing wrong with him. he just doesn't do it for me. not even that cute song about banana pancakes. but many people genuinely do like jack johnson, just as many genuinely love ranch-- for instance, jacob. (not sure if jacob likes jack johnson. . .)
  6. honey mustard: fair. this one fell a little flat for me. it mostly just tasted a lot different than i was expecting for a "honey mustard." and i really think it had coconut milk in it or something--a little awkward. a few bites of this flavor was enough for me. not bad. . . but not good. comme ci comme ca! (hope i used that expression correctly)
  7. spicy buffalo: couldn't wait to try this, especially since i generally love anything "buffalo wing" flavored-- especially the buffalo wing pizza at SLAB (so tasty!)--and actual buffalo wings are good too, i guess. but for the sake of criticism, i think this stuff was a little too strong. exciting, but maybe too much thrill too fast. i could only take a little bit at a time.
  8.  pure honey: BONUS! okay. now this, technically, is not one of the 7 "dipping sauces" Mcdonald's advertises for mcnuggets. however, there is surely a stash of honey packets hidden in every Mcdonald's restaurant. okay, i've decided-- this is definitely my fav. if you love a taste that is pure, sweet, unadulterated. . . honey is your dip. I know what you're thinkin. just try it. you won't regret it. TIP: if you wanna go crazy, combine pure honey + chipotle bbq with a double-dip. COMBO!!
for our last bite, jacob and i dipped our mcnuggets in every tub of sauce for a "soooper doooper dip" finale. it was nuts. don't ever do it.

after the storm.
we left this place a Mcmess.

Health! Wealth! Happiness!

highly recommended, but we definitely left with the Mcgurgles.
too many nuggets!!


Afton LeSueur said...

I'm kind of jealous! I love mcnuggets so much. People can tell me what kinds of crazy things they are made out of as much as they want, and I still love them.

Amber Marie said...

that seriously makes me want to barf! :)

Whitney and Chad said...

Chad is McAngry! We drove through and asked for one of every sauce and did not recieve spicy buffalo, honey mustard, or chipotle BBQ! However, we did recieve a Sweet Chilli which was OK! But we will have to do the McNugget Challenge again and sample all the sauce next time!