Wednesday, September 21, 2011

bridals: desert shoot

on day two of shooting bridals, we hit up some pretty awesome locations. i didn't really know where i wanted to go for our second shoot, so i left it up to cami (, our photographer, to pick the spot. the only thing i requested was a pretty, natural landscape with an element of color. before i knew it, we were in the car at 4 am taking an hour drive to superior, arizona-- a little town i had never even heard of. as we drove, the early morning light started peaking over the mountains, revealing sweeping hills of beautiful desert. but what we really came for was the ol' copper mine, marked by its colorful appearance due to the mineral deposits. with the sun just beginning to rise-- this place was pretty striking in person.

after shooting near the mine, we drove around in search of more lovely scenery for photos. we pulled over on the side of the road to take some shots on a classic desert landscape-- paloverdes, creosote, prickly pears, and a majestic saguaro. i thought my dress blended well with this terrain, and it felt good stickin' to my arizona roots and taking some desert shots. so glad we stopped here.

next we headed back into superior--this was the goofiest little town you have ever seen! pretty run down, but there were lots of interesting photo opportunities here: an old high school, a rustic building, and murals on about every other wall. plus, everyone in town was super friendly! every time somebody drove or walked by they would stop and day hi to us and dote over our wedding apparel. "awwww!! you're getting married! congratulations!!!"--almost every person. we were the biggest stars in superior that day.

being a major horse-lover, i couldn't pass up taking some pics in front of this colorful pony mural. so cute! cami told us to get "crazy". . . how did we do?

it was a long and rigorous photoshoot. jacob carrying me over his shoulder in my big, immobile wedding dress through the desert terrain + nasty lil' gnats flying in our faces + lots of driving + lots of posing + more driving + lots more posing. not to mention, i had to change (literally) on the side of the road as well as a very questionable public bathroom, BUT it was a lot of fun and definitely worth all the effort. wouldn't you agree?

well, that concludes the bridal photos. hope you like! many more photos from the wedding day to be posted soon!


Jordyn said...

AAHHHHH I am obsessed Holli!! These are amazing! And how perfect is that pony mural?! Dang girl. So so so so so good

Midori said...

your pictures are amazing! you are so beautiful!! congratulations!

The Frasers said...

LOVE the photos! Especially the Coke add in the middle lol Priceless. Are those Billy Buttons in your bouquet? So cute! Sorry, I'm such a stalker, you're just so adorable

Liz said...