Monday, September 12, 2011

sleep-talker episode II

Remember the “spider webs” sleep-talking incident from last week? Well, if you thought that was bad (so did I), just wait till you hear what happened a few nights later:

It is about 4 am. Jacob and I have been sleeping peacefully through the night without any disturbances. I wake slightly and decide to roll over on my side towards my edge of the bed. As soon as I roll, a pair of hands suddenly grab me and whip me onto my back. Jacob is now leaning over me and holding my wrists down on the bed. He looks scared and very intense.


At this point I am thinking, 'did he think I was about to fall off the bed?? Not that big of a deal, but I appreciate the concern, I guess. . .'

H: [half-awake and confused] Yeah, I’m okaaay. . .

J: WHAT HAPPENED??!!?? ARE YOU OKAY, HONEY??? WHAT HAPPENED??? [his voice grows in intensity as does his tightening grip on my wrists]

I am sure now that he is asleep. He doesn’t even sound like himself. It is apparent that he is having some kind of intense adventure-dream, and I am the damsel in distress.

H: [laughing and unsure of what to do—after all, he is holding me down with great strength] Nothing happened!! I am OKAY, honey!

J: [he suddenly calms] Okay. . . Come ‘ere. [he lies down and holds me tightly in his arms—almost protectively—and kisses my forehead]

I laugh quietly to myself and think ‘well this is nice! I like to cuddle at 4 in the morning!’ When he seems to have passed out again, I wriggle from his arms and go back to sleep.

Of course, in the morning Jacob didn’t recall any of it—not even the dream.

H: Honey, do you remember grabbing me at some point last night?

J: Uhhhh. . . where did I grab you???


I have to say my nights have become much more interesting ever since I got married! From spider webs to intense situations to sweet cuddling. . . I never know what to expect anymore.

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Jordyn said...

Hahaha. I think sleep-talking is hilariousssss