Saturday, July 30, 2011

love and horses (17 days)

Every time we go to Superstition Springs Mall, we usually end up in the food court to grab a snack after some shopping; we sit close to the giant, lighted carousel, and my mom always tell me about how she used to take me to that carousel every single day when I was a little girl. Yes, I was a complete horse-lover and enchanted by merry-go-rounds or ANYTHING that resembled a horse, pony, unicorn, or pegasus of any kind—you get the idea.

Well, when I was little, that carousel used to be in downtown Mesa, and there was a man who ran it that you had to buy the carousel tokens from. He was quite fond of me because I came to ride his merry-go-round so much that he just started letting me ride it for free. When they moved the carousel over to the mall, there was a grand opening. According to my mom, the man recognized me and let me be the first kid to choose which carousel horse/animal that I wanted to ride. Obviously, I chose the dragon, which (despite my love of horses) was definitely the coolest creature on the merry-go-round.

Now every time I see that carousel, it brings me back to my childhood enchantment. In a way, I almost feel as though it is my carousel, and if that man were still running it, he would still let me ride it for free and let me choose the dragon.

As we were getting some shopping done for some last details of the wedding, Jacob, my mom, and I just happened to end up in the food court of the mall next to the carousel. Of course, my mom told Jacob all about it. She also wouldn't let us leave until we got to ride it. It was late, we had been shopping for a few hours, and we were very tired—but no!  "You guys HAVE TO ride it!! Go on! I'll buy your tokens!" So even though we were shrugging our shoulders and probably feeling a little too old to be riding a merry-go-round, we soon found ourselves perched on a mighty stallion and (of course) my ol' dragon.

It made for a cute picture opportunity, but there really was something lovely about it. Like I had come full circle—or grown up, but hadn't changed so much after all. I have to admit, the merry-go-round still holds its charm for me. As the ride slowed down and robotically came to a stop, I even recalled the same old sigh of disappointment knowing the ride was over. Having my fiancĂ© along for the ride added something special to it, somehow encompassing all of those deep childhood loves, wants, and dreams.

Love and horses—that's all a girl ever wanted.

Friday, July 29, 2011

18 days

I am currently dreaming up the perfect list of lovely tunes for the reception.

This one is just classic.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

19 days

I'm a little tired of being engaged. Can we just be married NOW???


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

20 days

Well, we made it back from Arizona!!

After traveling for 14 hours (we took the scenic route) and arriving back home at 2:00 am, we were truly exhausted-- especially knowing that I would be leaving for work in just a few hours (I catch the bus at 6:30). Nonetheless, it was a successful trip: I had a lovely bridal shower thrown for me by one of my favorite ladies in my home ward, we finished up some of the little wedding details that needed to be accomplished, we did two bridal shoots, and even had time to enjoy ourselves-- hang out by the pool, get lunch, see a movie, etc.

I'm anxious to see our bridal photos. It was a lot more work than the engagement pics! I love my dress, but after a few hours of hauling it around and having Jacob help me mobilize, I was eager to retire it. Wedding dresses are not for babies!! And let's not forget that it was SOOO humid the morning we took our temple photos. The final state of my hair was a little questionable. "Fuzzy"is the word I'd use to describe it. I'm just hoping the hard work pays off an we are rewarded with a collection of lovely bridal photos to sigh over.

The thought that kept coming back to my mind was, "Next time you are in Mesa, you will be getting married." I still can't believe it. 20 more days of patience and wishful thinking.

Monday, July 25, 2011

the dream list (22 days)

The following are the items on our registry that we need the least, but quite possibly, want the most. In essence, Holli & Jacob's "Dream List". . .

Holli's dream list:
(amazing series)

This speaks for itself

really pretty dinnerware set

record player
Jacob's dream list:
Nintendo Wii

Wilson Tennis Racket 
ice cream maker

(we actually got the tent already. WHOOO!! we are going CAMPING!)

x 12
Year supply of Cholula Sauce

Just kidding, but we did actually register for some Cholula sauce, and of course we personally feel that it is something we NEED.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

24 days

Dancing in my head. . .

We are Arizona for the weekend! Today I have a family/ward bridal shower + final dress fitting, and on Monday we take bridal photos. Can't wait. As long as the July heat doesn't kill us, all should go well. I have been trying to prepare Jacob for the intensity of the heat and dryness here, but I don't think he really understood. When we drove into Mesa last night, he stuck his hand outside the window and felt the hot 100-degree air outside of the cool, air-conditioned car.

"why is it so HOT??? Doesn't it cool down at night???"

"Jacob, this IS cooled down."


We know this is going to be a test of love for all who travel down to see us at our wedding. We express our apology and appreciation in advance. If it is any consolation, the reception is indoors :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Kaylee Visits Utah (25 Days)

My oldest niece, Kaylee, came to visit last week!

I love when my family comes to see my in Utah (a very rare occurrence). This summer Kaylee decided to do the Young Ambassador's camp at BYU, and she absolutely loved it. If you didn't know, this little girl is a singin' and dancin' diva. She is SO TALENTED. I got to see her perform twice during the week, and I was definitely impressed with how much she has developed her talents. This girl can sing like no other!!

Because this was Kaylee's first time in Utah EVER. Me and Jacob tried to show her the ropes the best we could. On Sunday, before we took her to the airport, we decided to show her Temple Square. Seeing Kaylee so wide-eyed to the beautiful temple and the grounds surrounding it, made me really rediscover my awe and appreciation for being able to live near and work at church headquarters (oh, did I say work? I'll have to explain that later. . .) She really loved it, and could not leave without taking a few pictures.

We couldn't help taking one too!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

26 days

We got our first wedding gift in the mail tonight!

Right around dinnertime there was a knock at the door, and to our surprise, a giant Target box lay at our doorstep. We opened the box and there was what seriously looked like a big, red Santa bag! And inside was a TOASTER OVEN!!! I have never been so excited about a kitchen appliance before. I mean, I knew we would be getting gifts for our wedding, but it was a kind of profound enlightenment to actually receive one. Like "Hey, it worked. We registered for stuff, and now people are getting us stuff!! This is AWESOME!" It's also a nice thought to know that people actually care that we are getting married and want to send us something nice.

It was too perfect. Out of everything that we registered for, Jacob was the most enthusiastic about that toaster oven. He REALLY wanted it. So serendipitous that it was the first present we got!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

29 days

Inside this box is the most important gift I'll ever give to anyone. . .

I already knew what Jacob wanted as far as wedding rings went. we looked around a little bit and tried some different things on at the jewelry stores. I remember the first time I saw him slip a gold ring onto his left hand-- I literally got chills down my spine. It looked so perfect on his finger, and made me so excited.

Without him knowing, I went ahead and bought the ring he wanted without telling him. That night we decided to go on a walk through the park where we got engaged. I secretly nestled the box into the pocket of my trousers.  I felt so sneaky! The mood was light, carefree, and romantic as we walked through the park and reminisced about the night we got engaged. We finally made our way to "the spot," that is, the place where Jacob actually got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. We relived it a little: the slow dance, the sweet words, and then Jacob got back down on his knee just for fun.

"Get up!" I said.

"Huh?! What? Get up?"

"Get up!"

He got up slowly, kind of confused. Probably thinking, "I was just having a little fun. . ."

And then I dropped down on one knee, pulled the box from my pocket, and presented it to him:

"Jacob, will you be my husband?"

His face was priceless. I am sure he thought I was joking, and then he saw the ring. All he could do was laugh, completely speechless. Then, I finally got to see the real thing on his hand. More chills.

I wouldn't let him keep the ring-- to his disappointment. "Why do girls get to wear theirs while they are engaged? It's not fair!" he complained. Still, I just had to show it to him, and I could not pass up  the opportunity to surprise Jacob by proposing to him!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

30 days

Hey, did you guys get the announcements?

Here's the pic we decided to go with, AKA the only pic my mom would let us go with. She called it the "whoa baby" picture. At first, I wasn't so sure, but then I came to agree with her. I mean, we look good, don't we? My only goal for the announcement pic was to look like two attractive people in love who aren't doing something embarrassing or trying too hard. . . hope we made the cut. Well, for all of you who gave me your address via facebook, googlespread, and whatnot-- I am pretty sure you should have your announcement by now. There are still a few announcements I need to send (I seriously was not cut out for this wedding planning stuff), but I believe 98% of them are out! And what a relief!! Getting these announcements ready has been such an ordeal, but it has been well worth the time and work. I am so happy with way our pictures and invitations have turned out, and I give all the credit to our photographer and designer. They were both so great to work with. so accommodating. I feel very lucky.

I can't believe I am getting married in 30 DAYS!
6 months ago, I wouldn't have believed that I would be getting married 30 days from now.
But life just happens so differently than you would ever plan it,
and I cannot wait for those 30 days to come!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

35 days

Last night (for "FHE") we went shopping for the brand new suit that Jacob gets to wear at our wedding. Oh man, he looks so handsome. Cannot wait.

I've got roses and wedding cakes dancing in my head. It's coming so fast!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

See Harlee Walk

So I am kinda obsessed with my niece, Harlee. . .

 But it is kinda hard NOT to be. 
I mean, look at that face!

Well, look who decided to start walking after almost 1 1/2 years?

My favorite part is watching the older kids help her walk, all the while cracking up at every little thing she does. Not to mention, her little squeal every time she takes a few steps and gets so excited that she can hardly contain herself. So precious.

As for Noah updates, he is currently going through a "hand-in-pants" phase. Yeah, he's THAT kid. oh well.

Gotta love the nieces and nephews.