Friday, July 22, 2011

Kaylee Visits Utah (25 Days)

My oldest niece, Kaylee, came to visit last week!

I love when my family comes to see my in Utah (a very rare occurrence). This summer Kaylee decided to do the Young Ambassador's camp at BYU, and she absolutely loved it. If you didn't know, this little girl is a singin' and dancin' diva. She is SO TALENTED. I got to see her perform twice during the week, and I was definitely impressed with how much she has developed her talents. This girl can sing like no other!!

Because this was Kaylee's first time in Utah EVER. Me and Jacob tried to show her the ropes the best we could. On Sunday, before we took her to the airport, we decided to show her Temple Square. Seeing Kaylee so wide-eyed to the beautiful temple and the grounds surrounding it, made me really rediscover my awe and appreciation for being able to live near and work at church headquarters (oh, did I say work? I'll have to explain that later. . .) She really loved it, and could not leave without taking a few pictures.

We couldn't help taking one too!

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Jacob Robinson said...

I love this picture! and I'm lovin the countdown :)