Thursday, July 21, 2011

26 days

We got our first wedding gift in the mail tonight!

Right around dinnertime there was a knock at the door, and to our surprise, a giant Target box lay at our doorstep. We opened the box and there was what seriously looked like a big, red Santa bag! And inside was a TOASTER OVEN!!! I have never been so excited about a kitchen appliance before. I mean, I knew we would be getting gifts for our wedding, but it was a kind of profound enlightenment to actually receive one. Like "Hey, it worked. We registered for stuff, and now people are getting us stuff!! This is AWESOME!" It's also a nice thought to know that people actually care that we are getting married and want to send us something nice.

It was too perfect. Out of everything that we registered for, Jacob was the most enthusiastic about that toaster oven. He REALLY wanted it. So serendipitous that it was the first present we got!


Jacob Robinson said...

Now we just have to figure out how to use it! :)

becky+cade said...


{btw... i'm really impressed that you are posting so much so close to your wedding! i was going so nut-so by this time! way to keep it chill & under control! (: }