Saturday, June 28, 2008

12 Unpleasant AZ things I would do to be in AZ

1. Lay out in the sun for ten hours straight with sunscreen only on the bottom of my feet
2. Eat the egg that I fried on the sidewalk
3. Hug a cactus
4. Lick on of those fuzzy-looking cacti that appear harmless, but are killers!!!
5. Challenge Shaq to a freestyle rap battle.
6. Get my special deputy badge taken away by county sherrif, for rapping inappropriate things at Shaq.
7. Work at sunsplash...
8. Swim in a freshly chlorinated pool with my eyes open until they sting and are bloodshot and my hair is green
9. Charm a wild rattle snake
10. Get so many scorpion stings, that I am immune to their poison.
11. Drink only the nasty tap water.
12. Go to a Cardinals game

Friday, June 27, 2008

Dreamin of AZ

This pic is ironic, since sometimes green grass tends to lack in AZ in the summer, but I find truth in it. I stole this pic from my friend. His band/music project is The grass is green on this side...

Anyway, It's funny when I think about it. I mean, when I think about the destinations and adventure ahead of me for the rest of this summer and the fall, I am just tickled with awe. Really, I am. As soon as I finish out this summer semester, it is high adventure from here on out: san diego (SEA WORLD!! woo hoo!), maybe hawaii (?), probably new york, and of course, london for all of fall. A girl couldn't ask for more!

Still, I can't get excited about any of these places for more than a few moments before they are overshadowed by the fact that I am going HOME some time between all of this craziness! Lately, I have been so aloof and day-dreamy. I'm not home yet, but I might as well not be here, because my mind is constantly drifting to other places and people. Lately, I've often asked myself that profound question made famous by the band The Pixies, Where is my mind?? Currently: not in Idaho. I'm dreamin' of Arizona.

Now I have to say, Rexburg is amazingly pleasant right now. In fact, there wasn't a better time to be in this town. It is beautiful, the weather is perfect, there's lots to do, and most awesome people imaginable for company. I've decided that no matter where I am, with great weather and great people, I am profoundly happy. Still, there's a longing for home just eating at me, even during the most miserably hot time of year in AZ. It doesn't matter. I would gladly be burned to a crisp, and soaked in perspiration from the sweltering desert sun just for a little taste of home.

and then there's always the pool and the AC... such pleasant amenities for the desert species to adapt to their arid environment! I desperately wanna sip some lemonade by the poolside, and enjoy what they are calling Global Warming. haha. 

Just a few weeks, AZ, and I'm all yours...

Below is a pic of me during my first semester away from home. My friend jake sent me a bunch of AZ postcards, which made me happy and miss AZ even more...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jesus Is Just Alright With Me

The other night Skyler informed me that he was at the Doobie Brothers and Chicago concert in at the Dodge theater in Phoenix. Gotta say that I was a little jealous, and fascinated. My mom told me that when she went to pick up my 15-year old brother and his friend from the concert, everyone else looked to be my parents age. No surprise, really. I mean, my dad was an aficionado of the Doobies in their early days. He's showed us kids black and white photos that he snapped at Doobie Brothers and Kenny Loggins show when he was young. I'm not sure what kept him from hanging with the boys that night, but it amazes me that the music that was rockin my dad's era is still blowin kids' minds today. Seriously, the Doobie Brothers are nearing 40 years old as a band, being formed in 1969. It just blows my mind. 

As for me, I'm pretty jealous of Sky. The kid couldn't get over how awesome the concert was. In his words, "They were sick!" Which is definitely a good thing. I really love the classic 70s-80s rock music, and I just can't get over the song "Jesus is just alright." Great little number. 

After reminding him of all the vanilla creme frappucinos I'd bought him in the past, I convinced Sky to get me a shirt from the concert. Thanks dude!