Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jesus Is Just Alright With Me

The other night Skyler informed me that he was at the Doobie Brothers and Chicago concert in at the Dodge theater in Phoenix. Gotta say that I was a little jealous, and fascinated. My mom told me that when she went to pick up my 15-year old brother and his friend from the concert, everyone else looked to be my parents age. No surprise, really. I mean, my dad was an aficionado of the Doobies in their early days. He's showed us kids black and white photos that he snapped at Doobie Brothers and Kenny Loggins show when he was young. I'm not sure what kept him from hanging with the boys that night, but it amazes me that the music that was rockin my dad's era is still blowin kids' minds today. Seriously, the Doobie Brothers are nearing 40 years old as a band, being formed in 1969. It just blows my mind. 

As for me, I'm pretty jealous of Sky. The kid couldn't get over how awesome the concert was. In his words, "They were sick!" Which is definitely a good thing. I really love the classic 70s-80s rock music, and I just can't get over the song "Jesus is just alright." Great little number. 

After reminding him of all the vanilla creme frappucinos I'd bought him in the past, I convinced Sky to get me a shirt from the concert. Thanks dude!


Chase said...

Ha! Ha! That was cool that he got to go to that...don't frappacinos have coffee in them....uh uh uh!

Jheri said...

Holli-you are so tacky with your weird shoes! What statement are you trying to make, that you are the only one who will wear yellow shoes?

Chase & Tricia said...

Holli-this isn't Chase-it's Tricia....I just use this sign on to make comments....he never posts things!

Kristen said...

Holli! It's been forever! Your blog is super cute, i've seen you on amy's blog so it looks like you girls are having fun! oh and i love your yellow shoes!