Monday, February 28, 2011

we are all one family

These pictures never stop being great.

Christian the Lion. 
 Someone cue "Don't wanna miss a thing." 

Last week's episode of This American Life told the story of Janis Carter and Lucy the Chimp.
Oh man, you guys. By the end, I was almost in tears. So sad!

Grizzly Adams. Nuff said.
Why don't I have a best friend that is a bear?
I just don't see why not.

get out of my life and shut up

A note I actually drew for my friend in seminary when I was 16 years old. . .

Thank you, Jake Garn, for saving EVERYTHING.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elixir of Life

So I'm not the only person addicted to Cholula sauce. I got my roommate, Amy, hooked on it too. In fact, she finished off my last bottle. ROOMMATE FOUL!! Just playin. I'm sure she didn't use half as much as I did. Still, she completely redeemed herself by bringing this miracle home from the store. Not only did she get the much coveted jumbo 12 oz. bottle, but she wrote this message on the label:

If you can't read cute girl handwriting, it says "Amy and Holli, Elixir of Life."

Bless you, Amy. 
Bless you.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The President's Day Open

Birds  The Submarines

Provo was blessed with a gorgeous, sunny day on President's Day. Jacob had the brilliant idea of getting out and playing some tennis. So I dusted off my racket and found my Wimbledon merch. Jacob found us a court and some tennis balls. I forgot how great it feels to whack that little green ball into oblivion. Things got pretty slicey.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who cries during Dumbo?

Apparently, I cry during Dumbo.

Jacob wanted to watch it the other night because he missed out on a lot of those old classic Disney movies when he was a kid. His roommate had Dumbo on VHS, and so we slipped it into the VCR for 64 minutes of heartbreak and tragedy. When is the last time you saw this movie? Until the very end, when Dumbo discovers he can fly after waking up in a tree (after accidentally becoming intoxicated), it is totally depressing. Poor Dumbo. They laugh at him, they call him a freak, they tear him away from his mother, and make him a clown. It's heart-wrenching.

During the scene where the little elephant is reunited with his mother, I lost it. Tears started to well up. I kept telling myself to be strong so Jacob wouldn't think I was completely ridiculous. But just as one tear escaped, Jacob leaned over and kissed me on the cheek-- right in its path.

"Oh Holli! You're crying!!!"

Then I really lost it. I had been discovered-- there was no recovery from this. Tears streamed down my face as I confessed my embarrassment and hid my face under the blanket. Jacob could not stop laughing.

The sad thing is, if I were to watch some typical tear-jerker like, I dunno, Titanic or the The Notebook, I probably would not even blink an eye. But put on a Disney movie about an outcast, orphan elephant, and it tears me apart. After this experience I feel like I may be more tender than I thought I was, but maybe I just have a sensitivity to sad animal movies. Or maybe there's just something wrong with me.

M.J. + E.T.

I love this, obviously. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

You've Got a Friend in Me  Randy Newman

Jacob and I played hookie last weekend, and took a trip to California to spend some time with my fam and watch my sister's dance studio perform at Disneyland. We had a total blast.

Me and Jacob on the Jungle Cruise-- probably my favorite ride as a kid.
Gracie performing the "Can Can" at Disneyland. She was so amazing.
This little girl can do some serious acrobatics!

The little boys hip-hop group dancing to "Can't Touch This." Ethan and Ryal were cracking me up.
I gotta get me some of those gold pants.

The man is always getting Noah down. Victory pump FAIL.

Space Mountain with me, Jacob, Kaylee, Gracie, and Jheri.
Jacob's face is priceless.

Harlee made a really cute Minnie Mouse.

Noah would not leave Jacob alone.

Two of my favoritest people finally come together. Noah even remembered Jacob's name from when we skyped with him during Christmas break. This kid was cracking us up. He always wanted to ride "the fastest train" (Thunder Mountain Railroad).

Higher Ground Dance Studio performing at California Adventure

The Tower of Terror!!
Skyler and Jacob have pennies in their hands.
The scared Asian kid and the cape-guy are also pretty hilarious.

My mom and lil' bros joined us on day two of Disneyland.

Mason and Skyler looking cool.

I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of seeing Captain EO.
It might've been my favorite thing we did the whole trip. I really need one of those Michael Jackson rainbow shirts.

Me n' Mom

Getting prepared for the 3-D awesomeness of Captain EO.

Me and Jacob killing it on Buzz Lightyear.

Small world was the last ride we went on after our tremendous days at the park. We were so insanely tired, we just slept as we glided past dolls singing in every continent and geographic location of the world. It was a relaxing way to end our day.

The next day Jacob and I went to Seal Beach with my fam, and had lunch on the pier. 
It was a nice change from Provo.

Man oh man. 
This weekend is going down in the books. 
We had so much fun and made a lot of memories.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

good boyfriends

Good boyfriends surprise their girlfriends with a romantic candlelit dinner of her favorite meal (chicken tikka masala with garlic naan) and her favorite beverage (Simply Orange-- high pulp) that he cooked and put together all by himself for Valentine's day.

No, he had never made chicken tikka masala before. From what I've seen he usually just makes burritos and Ramen noodles. But he knew it was my favorite, so he figured it out. (and did a first-rate job, if I may add)

Yes, he was exhausted. We spent the entire weekend in California, including two days at Disneyland. Not to mention, he drove the entire way to California and back.

Yes, he was busy and stressed. He had a lot of Math/Physics/Engineering work to catch up on from missing two days of class for our trip.

No, he wasn't feeling well. We were both starting to feel sick (probably from exhaustion). Plus, he didn't get any sleep the night before because of a freak inflammation in his shoulder.

Yes, it was really unnecessary for him to go out on a limb to do something "special" after all the wonderful things we did over our tremendous weekend.

But I guess he likes me a little bit.

And he's a good boyfriend.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

good girlfriends

Good girlfriends get up at seven in the morning and ride their roommate's beach cruiser to Southend Market in their pajamas with no make-up and no bra to buy ingredients to make a delicious Valentine's cheesecake for their boyfriends.

No, I was not at all prepared for V-day. We were in California all weekend.
No, I do not own a car.
Yes, people were staring. I looked like a goon in my get-up and the grocery sacks tied to the handlebars.
No, I had never even made a cheesecake before in my entire life.

But I'm a good girlfriend.

Monday, February 14, 2011

with my heart hanging out

Inside and Out  Feist

I'm the girl who loves you inside and out,
backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out

The chorus of this song is dedicated to my guy on Valentine's.

This picture makes my heart all fluttery inside.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I mean, your destiny. . .

I am dating George McFly.

Tiger Dog

Nothing brings me more happiness than these pics. . .

Can't stop laughing.

Why did I never do this when I had pets??

Saturday, February 5, 2011


We were invited to a moustache party.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Unusual Things.

Still Sound Toro y Moi

A bush that smells like rain. A hat that looks like a racoon.