Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

You've Got a Friend in Me  Randy Newman

Jacob and I played hookie last weekend, and took a trip to California to spend some time with my fam and watch my sister's dance studio perform at Disneyland. We had a total blast.

Me and Jacob on the Jungle Cruise-- probably my favorite ride as a kid.
Gracie performing the "Can Can" at Disneyland. She was so amazing.
This little girl can do some serious acrobatics!

The little boys hip-hop group dancing to "Can't Touch This." Ethan and Ryal were cracking me up.
I gotta get me some of those gold pants.

The man is always getting Noah down. Victory pump FAIL.

Space Mountain with me, Jacob, Kaylee, Gracie, and Jheri.
Jacob's face is priceless.

Harlee made a really cute Minnie Mouse.

Noah would not leave Jacob alone.

Two of my favoritest people finally come together. Noah even remembered Jacob's name from when we skyped with him during Christmas break. This kid was cracking us up. He always wanted to ride "the fastest train" (Thunder Mountain Railroad).

Higher Ground Dance Studio performing at California Adventure

The Tower of Terror!!
Skyler and Jacob have pennies in their hands.
The scared Asian kid and the cape-guy are also pretty hilarious.

My mom and lil' bros joined us on day two of Disneyland.

Mason and Skyler looking cool.

I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of seeing Captain EO.
It might've been my favorite thing we did the whole trip. I really need one of those Michael Jackson rainbow shirts.

Me n' Mom

Getting prepared for the 3-D awesomeness of Captain EO.

Me and Jacob killing it on Buzz Lightyear.

Small world was the last ride we went on after our tremendous days at the park. We were so insanely tired, we just slept as we glided past dolls singing in every continent and geographic location of the world. It was a relaxing way to end our day.

The next day Jacob and I went to Seal Beach with my fam, and had lunch on the pier. 
It was a nice change from Provo.

Man oh man. 
This weekend is going down in the books. 
We had so much fun and made a lot of memories.


Whitney and Chad said...

Well aren't you guys just so happy! and Cute!

Amanda Marie said...

Holli your life is magical.

Musing Elitist said...

captain EO is one of the best things i have ever experienced.

Kristine said...

i love disneyland!! duh...i go at least 1x month. wish i ran into you there!!