Wednesday, February 16, 2011

good boyfriends

Good boyfriends surprise their girlfriends with a romantic candlelit dinner of her favorite meal (chicken tikka masala with garlic naan) and her favorite beverage (Simply Orange-- high pulp) that he cooked and put together all by himself for Valentine's day.

No, he had never made chicken tikka masala before. From what I've seen he usually just makes burritos and Ramen noodles. But he knew it was my favorite, so he figured it out. (and did a first-rate job, if I may add)

Yes, he was exhausted. We spent the entire weekend in California, including two days at Disneyland. Not to mention, he drove the entire way to California and back.

Yes, he was busy and stressed. He had a lot of Math/Physics/Engineering work to catch up on from missing two days of class for our trip.

No, he wasn't feeling well. We were both starting to feel sick (probably from exhaustion). Plus, he didn't get any sleep the night before because of a freak inflammation in his shoulder.

Yes, it was really unnecessary for him to go out on a limb to do something "special" after all the wonderful things we did over our tremendous weekend.

But I guess he likes me a little bit.

And he's a good boyfriend.