Wednesday, February 27, 2013

maternity overalls

Jacob thinks I could pull these off.
I think if you ever see me wearing maternity overalls you'll know when I've truly given up.
Because anyone over the age of 10 who still wears overalls has probably given up a little 
or they're just too hip to function.

e.g. the above hot british model, who i have a very hard time believing is actually pregnant cuz there's no way a real pregnant woman could look that good in overalls,
i.e.  there has to be a negative correlation here
viz. the hotter you look in these overalls, the less possible it is for you to be a pregnant person. 
okay enough latin abbreviations, etc.

Monday, February 25, 2013

31 weeks

The book I'm reading encourages mothers to talk and sing to their babies in the womb. I'm thinkin' this is to encourage prenatal bonding and also to get babies used to the sound of their mother's voice. She can hear me, after all! This practice doesn't come natural to me, but after realizing how quiet I must be throughout most of my day (my job usually doesn't require me to talk to many people at all) I began to worry that she isn't hearing my voice enough. Therefore, me and baby have been having more conversations lately, and it's been nice.

A few days ago, I asked baby if she likes the name we picked out for her, and she gave me two energetic kicks. I'll take that as a yes. Maybe it's in my head, but sometimes I think she really does become more active in there when we talk and "play" with herplaying mostly involves Jacob rubbing, tickling, and kissing my belly. He's really good at this prenatal bonding stuff, by the way. And it's cute.

People have started asking me if I feel "done" with being pregnant yet. I hope this doesn't mean that I look miserable because I really don't feel that way at all! I'm happy to have baby where she is, safely nestled in my belly, and really don't feel one bit motivated/ready to get her out. I know those feelings will change in the coming weeksand I think they're meant tobut as of right now, I'm just in my "fat n' happy" stage, I suppose.

I'll tell you what I am "done" with though. I am done with WORK. I am done with COMMUTING. (just three more weeks!) I am done with WINTER. As of right now, those three things are sooo much more annoying than being pregnant.

I mean, it's kinda fun to squeeze into your fancy, feathery, winter formal dress from high school and pretend you're a pregnant celebrity...


Oscars party last night. Totally stole this from alex's instagram, by the way.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scenes from Valentine's

Valentine's Day was pitch-perfect.
Here's how we celebrated...

I got up extra early to make Jacob a Valentine's breakfast of pink heart-shaped pancakes with buttermilk syrup and bacon. If anything can make Jacob happy it's bacon. Usually we are rushing early in the morning, and I have to eat a quick bowl of oatmeal in the car on the way to the train station. It was special for us to actually sit down together for a sweet Valentine's breakfast.

Maybe you noticed the jar of Tostito's nacho cheese on the table as well? That was one of Jacob's Valentine's presents. I'm a mean wife and never let him buy itso I thought it would be a good way to show my love. Forget about candy. It's bacon and nacho cheese for my man.

The valentine I made for Jacobwe really like pugs.

For dinner we went to Maria Bonita's, our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Maria, the owner of the restaurant, greeted us when we came inshe remembers us because we gave her a picture of us dining there the night we got engaged. She about exploded with happiness when she saw my baby bump. So happy that she kissed it! Surprisingly, I was okay with this.

Valentine's is CRAZY, by the way. The last two years, we "ate-in" for our Valentine's and so we didn't realize how packed the restaurant would be. We had to wait a bit to be seated and to get our food, but it was so worth it. Delicioso.

Jacob kept reminding me that we needed to be back by 8:30 for my "surprise." We rushed home after dinner, but there was no surprise to be found. I heard Jacob suspiciously talking on the phone with someone in the other room. He returned and informed me that the surprise was running a little late. Therefore, we should go out and get some dessert. Fine by me!

I decided that a raspberry + brownie milkshake from Sammy's sounded divine. I was afraid that the place would be insanely crowded on Valentine'sbecause Sammy's is ALWAYS crowded. To our surprise, the place was almost empty. I guess it's not a very fancy joint if you're trying to "woo" your woman or whatever. But the milkshakes are top-notch.

We headed back home, and after waiting just a little bit longerlook who showed up at our doorstep! A little lab puppy named Dexter! (This also just happens to be the name of my favorite childhood dog)

I was so giddy and speechless when I saw little Dexter running around the house. Turns out, there's a "Puppy Rental" service now operating in Provo, and Jacob had "rented" this lil' buddy for us to play with for an hour. BEST SURPRISE EVER!

squishy face Dexter

Dexter had us laughing all night. He was the perfect puppy. Playful, rambunctious, and adorable. In fact, he was having so much fun playing and exploring that it was hard to get good pictures of him!

After a good forty-five minutes of rambunctious play-time, the cutest thing happens. Dexter suddenly pounces on Jacob's belly, nestles in his arms... and then quickly falls asleep. Puppy cuddle-time. Jacob and I were in HEAVEN.

At this point I think Jacob says, "See I'm gonna be a good dad!"

We took turns holding and cuddling with this pooped puppy, who continued to sleep until his caretaker came to pick him up. I was so sad when I heard that knock on the door. Can I have just 5 more minutes? Pleeeaasse? I wasn't ready to let my snuggle-baby go!

Here's a cute video we took of Dexter copying Jacob's "head tilts." He was doing it for so much longer. I just caught the very end of it. SO ADORABLE.

Delicious food. Adorable puppy. A loving husband.
A perfect recipe for a perfect Valentine's.

Love you, Jacob!


If you were wondering why Dexter arrived so late, it's actually a funny story. Apparently one of the puppies (not sure if it was Dexter) accidentally locked the keys and THE PUPPIES in the car while the caretaker was doing something outside. I guess he used his little paw to push the lock down. Pretty hilarious.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30 weeks

I finally made it to my 30's, and i'm lovin it.
Thirty, flirty, and thrivingok, not so flirty, but check out this glorious girth that keeps on growin.
I'm, like, really really pregnant now.

A few facts about me and baby, as of late:

We took a trip to Arizona last weekend for a baby shower and got tons of BABY MERCH! It was so fun to finally get a bunch of little girl clothes. So many onesies! So much PINK! My heart was exploding.

While in AZ, I got to attend and sing at this lady's homecoming. I also had the honor of singing at her farewell 18 months agoat which time, she told me that I was invited to sing again when she got home, but I would have to bring "my child" with me. We laughed about it then. After all, I wasn't even married yet. But wow. Pretty prophetic.

We love broccoli and leafy green vegetables. Yes, I'm serious. Especially raw broccoli. But hey, healthy cravings are cool because you don't have to fight them! Eat all the broccoli I can handle = NO GUILT. However, my unrestrained appetite at my work's Cookie Bake-off Social last week = SO MUCH GUILT.

Pants with zippers feel like a distant memory. Very distant. No complaints though. With a big, elastic band around my waistI've got no problems.

Along those lines, the fun part about turning into a big mama is having to get new clothes! Cuz yeah, what else can I do? This baby (my belly) ain't getting any smaller. And to my joy and surprise, there's actually some cute maternity-wear out there.

By the way, any idea where I can get some maternity tights? Cuz the thing about tights is that they're tight

I have come to realize that when someone says that you're "all belly," they mean that as a complimentI think. Still not entirely sure.

We love cheesey, prenatal yoga videoslike this one.

Jacob and I started our hypnobirthing class, and it has been cool. I'm already feeling more confident about this birthin' business. And the relaxtion CD that I'm supposed to listen to every day is pretty dreamy. Like... it puts me to sleep so fast.

Relaxation tracks + bubble bath = transcendent, prenatal spa day for Holli.

I only work for FOUR MORE WEEKS. Meaning, I only commute for FOUR MORE WEEKS. I forecast some pleasant changes in my life. Big changes too. Kinda crazy to think about.

I'm pretty sure I almost passed out on the Frontrunner last week, and continue to have uncomfortable, dizzy spells almost every morning while I ride. I think my big belly is cutting off my circulation. Starting today, I am careful to stand up and stretch my legs when I feel a spell coming on. It helped.

CHARLEY HORSES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!! How does something so painful have such a cute name and bring THIS IMAGE to mind?!?

I'm pretty sure that I slept through the entire duration of sacrament meeting on Sunday. And yeah... we have one o'clock church now. I justify my behavior with this attitude: I'M PREGNANT. I DO WHAT I WANT. Deal with it.

The physical/mental/spiritual/emotional preparations have begun to welcome this baby girl into our lives, and we are so so excited.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Puppy Love

I got to play with this lil' baby last night.
Best Valentine's surprise EVER.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day of Love

You guys, I'm really in love with my husband.
The last 21/2 years of dating + marriage have been the best, most blissful times of my life.
I suppose we are still young in our love and our marriage, but we're growing together, 
and (so far) this journey has made us two very happy, content people.

I'd like to think that Jacob and I have something special together. 
And really, I believe that we do. 
But I also know that there's a world of couples out there who (in their own way) have what we have,
who love each other just like we do.
And that makes me happy too.

Ok. Enough of the mushy stuff. 
I hope everyone has a lovely day and eats lots of chocolate in various forms.
I know me and baby will.
I love you all!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Magic Song: HOT KNIFE

"hot knife," fiona apple

Friday, February 8, 2013

3D Baby

Last night, (as part of the Numom2b study that we participated in) we got a free 3D ultrasound of our baby girl. Sometimes I think the 3D looks a little creepylike a little baby clay monster. But I admit, as soon as we saw those cheeks and lips, we were completely charmed. Obviously, there's some distortion due to movement and whatever else is floating around in there, but isn't it so cool that they can take pics like this? IT'S OUR BABY'S FACE!

that's a little hand caressing the side of her face

After taking some measurements, the nurse told me that she is about 3.5 lbs. Wow. According to what I've been reading, babies are usually around 2.5 lbs at this stage of development. "A little bit on the bigger side," as the nurse put it.

I hope this means she'll come a little earlier than the proposed due date, but it might just mean that she'll be a big baby like her mama was.

So close, but yet so far. Can't I just have my baby NOW?

Monday, February 4, 2013

28 weeks

My first week into the third trimester was a success. I'm feeling happy, energized, and ultra-womanly. Going for the "fertility goddess" look, not achieving it, but feeling womanly nonetheless.

I tend to freak-out a little when I remember that my belly still has a few months to grow even bigger than it already is. But hey, this thing ain't over until the fat lady screams, right? 

There are times when I feel like a second-class citizen in my own body; at the same time, I enjoy feeling so physically in-tune. Every day is a conversation with my body, and I find all the changes, sensations, kicks, cravings, and even the new aches and pains pretty fascinating. It's not always a cakewalk, but I love sharing my body with Baby. Even more, I love assuring Jacob that Baby "told me" she wanted a spoonful of Nutella. Call it the mysterious maternal bondI know what she likes.

I can honestly say that (so far) I've enjoyed being pregnant. I'm sure there are women out there who will want to smack me just for saying that, but I mean it. Yes, there have been days that were emotionally and physically overwhelming, but the good days have both outnumbered and out-shined them.

Before pregnancy, I expected (and dreaded) that there would be more miseries than joys, and have been pleasantly surprised to find the opposite. Lots of joys mingled with a few endurable miseries.

Of course, I hear the hardest days are still ahead of me... I better not speak too soon.