Monday, February 4, 2013

28 weeks

My first week into the third trimester was a success. I'm feeling happy, energized, and ultra-womanly. Going for the "fertility goddess" look, not achieving it, but feeling womanly nonetheless.

I tend to freak-out a little when I remember that my belly still has a few months to grow even bigger than it already is. But hey, this thing ain't over until the fat lady screams, right? 

There are times when I feel like a second-class citizen in my own body; at the same time, I enjoy feeling so physically in-tune. Every day is a conversation with my body, and I find all the changes, sensations, kicks, cravings, and even the new aches and pains pretty fascinating. It's not always a cakewalk, but I love sharing my body with Baby. Even more, I love assuring Jacob that Baby "told me" she wanted a spoonful of Nutella. Call it the mysterious maternal bondI know what she likes.

I can honestly say that (so far) I've enjoyed being pregnant. I'm sure there are women out there who will want to smack me just for saying that, but I mean it. Yes, there have been days that were emotionally and physically overwhelming, but the good days have both outnumbered and out-shined them.

Before pregnancy, I expected (and dreaded) that there would be more miseries than joys, and have been pleasantly surprised to find the opposite. Lots of joys mingled with a few endurable miseries.

Of course, I hear the hardest days are still ahead of me... I better not speak too soon.


Whitney said...

I love that you always have such a positive attitude about everything! It always encourages me to be better! Love you!

Afton LeSueur said...

I agree with you: " Lots of joys mingled with a few endurable miseries."

That is how pregnancy and motherhood are. (endurable misery of motherhood = reading Olivia and the missing toy 15+ times a day. I hate that book so much.)

Here is my opinion: If you are a happy person, you will be a happy pregnant person and a happy mother.

Amber Marie said...

i always love your friend's comments! such good thoughts. glad you are feeling well. third trimester is my favorite. i don't think you will have any problems- though it is possible that sleeping will become uncomfortable those last few weeks or days. you look like a maternal goddess :) keep up the good work. i think baby robinson told me to buy the two LARGE containers of nutella at costco last week...she looks after her mom and aunt apparently. or so i'd like to think...

leean robinson said...

Love the picture. And love your always upbeat attitude. Lot of snow in Prove! Be careful of the ice. You would not want to slip in your condition - or any condition for that matter!