Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day of Love

You guys, I'm really in love with my husband.
The last 21/2 years of dating + marriage have been the best, most blissful times of my life.
I suppose we are still young in our love and our marriage, but we're growing together, 
and (so far) this journey has made us two very happy, content people.

I'd like to think that Jacob and I have something special together. 
And really, I believe that we do. 
But I also know that there's a world of couples out there who (in their own way) have what we have,
who love each other just like we do.
And that makes me happy too.

Ok. Enough of the mushy stuff. 
I hope everyone has a lovely day and eats lots of chocolate in various forms.
I know me and baby will.
I love you all!


Stephanie Madsen said...
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kate said...


sometimes I secretly think that Lando and I are exceptionally happy and no one gets "love" like we do... obnoxious, right?

leean robinson said...

You guys are a very cute couple. I could see that from the start. Glad you and baby had a nice Valentines.

Tricia Campbell said...

I love you two!!! You really do have something special. I feel the same about my marriage- what a blessing! Glad to see you so happy!