Wednesday, February 27, 2013

maternity overalls

Jacob thinks I could pull these off.
I think if you ever see me wearing maternity overalls you'll know when I've truly given up.
Because anyone over the age of 10 who still wears overalls has probably given up a little 
or they're just too hip to function.

e.g. the above hot british model, who i have a very hard time believing is actually pregnant cuz there's no way a real pregnant woman could look that good in overalls,
i.e.  there has to be a negative correlation here
viz. the hotter you look in these overalls, the less possible it is for you to be a pregnant person. 
okay enough latin abbreviations, etc.


Amber Marie said...

wow. i agree. however, i did wear overalls in college. but i was in rexburg and they were against the honor code and that just screamed "wear overalls" to my roommates and I...I'm not sure what that says about us.

REBBIE said...

It's really a smart investment, because after she has the baby she can use the overall bib as a baby carrier.


Nicki Clark said...

I love me some great overalls. And she's doing it:

Jordyn said...