Monday, February 25, 2013

31 weeks

The book I'm reading encourages mothers to talk and sing to their babies in the womb. I'm thinkin' this is to encourage prenatal bonding and also to get babies used to the sound of their mother's voice. She can hear me, after all! This practice doesn't come natural to me, but after realizing how quiet I must be throughout most of my day (my job usually doesn't require me to talk to many people at all) I began to worry that she isn't hearing my voice enough. Therefore, me and baby have been having more conversations lately, and it's been nice.

A few days ago, I asked baby if she likes the name we picked out for her, and she gave me two energetic kicks. I'll take that as a yes. Maybe it's in my head, but sometimes I think she really does become more active in there when we talk and "play" with herplaying mostly involves Jacob rubbing, tickling, and kissing my belly. He's really good at this prenatal bonding stuff, by the way. And it's cute.

People have started asking me if I feel "done" with being pregnant yet. I hope this doesn't mean that I look miserable because I really don't feel that way at all! I'm happy to have baby where she is, safely nestled in my belly, and really don't feel one bit motivated/ready to get her out. I know those feelings will change in the coming weeksand I think they're meant tobut as of right now, I'm just in my "fat n' happy" stage, I suppose.

I'll tell you what I am "done" with though. I am done with WORK. I am done with COMMUTING. (just three more weeks!) I am done with WINTER. As of right now, those three things are sooo much more annoying than being pregnant.

I mean, it's kinda fun to squeeze into your fancy, feathery, winter formal dress from high school and pretend you're a pregnant celebrity...


Oscars party last night. Totally stole this from alex's instagram, by the way.

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Alex said...

You are always welcome to my instagram pics. Especially when you look as fabulous as you do.