Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dad's Screenshots

Rose and I were in Arizona visiting family for about 4 days (5 nights) last week. Unfortunately Jacob was not able to come with us because of school obligations, but we were able to Skype with him every day. When we arrived back in Utah, I found these screenshots from our Skype sessions on the Macbook.

Rose has Skyped with her dad a few times before when we've been apart, but this time she seemed to have an actual sense of what was going onshe really was seeing her daddy on the screen. It was pretty dang cute to watch. And it was quite a relief for me. Let's just say that Rose didn't have the easiest time in Arizona. In a new, strange environment with lots of new people (not to mention, a horrible diaper rash, some digestive issues, bad sleep, and who knows what else... possibly teething? altitude change?) she just was not her usual happy self. Of course, a few days of handling this on my own made me an incredibly weary parent! Still, she managed to revert back to a sweet, happy baby when Skyping with her dad. Each one of these screenshots represents of moment of grace for me.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Some babies make cute noises.
Our baby screeches.

Spying on Rose. On this particular day, she kept making these sing-songy screeches only when I would leave the room:

More screeching:

Sometimes I think she is more pterodactyl than baby.