Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rose's First Videos

Watching these videos for the first time (weeks after they were taken) hit me like a sentimental TON OF BRICKS. Is is possible that I'm already feeling nostalgic mommy-remorse for not fully appreciating how precious those first days with my newborn were? It's definitely possibleit's incredible (and scary) how quickly these wild mama emotions start taking hold. Still, I was able to catch myself before any actual guilt set in.

Of course I fully appreciated those first days with my Rose! It's just that no one could've ever prepared me for how quickly she would grow and change in the first few weekshow short that time would be when she was so tiny, so new. And I suppose that this is only the beginning of the motherly longings that will continue to intertwine with this new role and identity. While I learn to cope, it helps to remember that some things are beautiful because they are temporary.

I am ever grateful that Jacob took these videos so I can relive them just a little bit.

A nice strong cry! Right after delivery:

Rose in the hospitalthe short, precious time we got to keep her in our room:

Rose in the NICU:

Her first day at home with us:

Though she has already lost most of her newborn hair, has become significantly chunkier, and is already growing out of many of her newborn clothesshe is still only 5 weeks old, right? Little Rose is still very little. I've got all the time in the world to keep loving and adoring her.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013


I always knew he had it in him, but it's still been an absolutely delightful experience watching Jacob become a daddy. Sweet, playful, and lovingthe kind I always knew he'd be. Rose is one lucky girl.

Even more, it's been absolutely heartwarming watching these two fall in love.

Happy Father's Day to the new dad.
Love you, Jacob.

Friday, June 14, 2013


i finally got it on camera...

if you're wondering how i got this wee babe to smile so big, obviously i'm a hilarious mom and she loves me.
sticking to self-deprecating "yo mama" jokes usually helps too.

p.s. every once in awhile we hear her make little laughing noises in her sleep. 
it's incredibly cute.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zilker Park

It's only been one week in Austin, and I have to admit that I'm already falling in love with this place. First of all, my hair works great here (not that these photos are any indication of that). Second, before I even got to see any of the downtown area, I fell in love with our nearby grocery store. For those of you who know Ranch Market in Mesa (possibly the happiest grocery store on earth), it's basically a mix between your average grocery store and Ranch Market. This means that they sell freshly made tortillas, conchitas, and have a bar with aguas frescas + fresas y crema. ALL THINGS HOLLI NEEDS.

Rose helps us shop by holding the grocery list

Austin was already after my heartand then I saw downtown. HEART EXPLODING.

Our first "night on the town" we went to a place called Chuy's for some Tex-Mex. I admit this place is totally against my principles, meaning that it really isn't what you'd call "authentic" at all. Heck. They served ranch dressing with our chips and salsa. But heck. It tastes good in my mouth, so what of it? Hello chips n' ranch dressing! *principles flying out the window* Oh, and the atmosphere of this place was really fun. I'd like to call it rock-n-roll-party-town, Meh-hee-ko. Aztec art + an Elvis shrine.

After stuffing our faces, we went to Zilker Park ("the soul of Austin"as it read on a sign there) for an outdoor orchestra concert on the hillside amphitheater. It was a pops concerts, so they were playing Broadway medleys from Grease, Les Mis, etc. Fun stuff.

outdoor concert in Zilker Park

On Tuesday, Jacob and I had a very special treatVISITORS! Tricia and Chase (with their cute kiddos) decided to make a trip to Austin before moving from Houston to LA for Chase's residency at USC. They had few places they wanted to see, and more importantly, some food-stops that they had to try. First, they brought me some Torchy's Tacos. YUMMM. I think I will be eating there many many times before the summer is over.

Next we hit Zilker Park again, except this time (in the daylight) we got to see a lot more of it. And wow. This park is AWESOME. The big hot-spot here is the beautiful Barton Springs. With the steamy-hot weather, I was really wishing I brought my suit. I'm definitely gonna have to experience a swim in the springs before we leave.

Barton Springs. Rose is waving at the camera.

sleeping away in her sling

Crew never wanted to get off of that swing!
The kiddos loved the playground and so did the "parkour" guys. These dudes were doing flips all over the playground equipment! Wish I had gotten a picture. 

Tricia + Me + Rose

Next, we headed to a little place called Home Slice Pizza. Chase loves his NY style pizza, and this place hit the spot. 
Kate + Jacob

Don't you love Tricia and Chase's matching Texas shirts? They bought them at Buccee's on their way to Austin. Texas is gonna miss these two dorks :)

On the way home, we drove through more of downtown. Everywhere I looked I just kept falling more and more in love. Not sure if this is just hasty infatuation, but the thought I WANT TO LIVE HERE FOREVER is taking hold.

Monday, June 10, 2013

best buds


1 Month

I can't believe my little newbie is a whole month old today!

She has changed so much already! Her face has really filled out and she has lost a bit of her hair. Chunky, bald baby = she's starting to look more like me. She is also becoming increasingly alert. She is so expressive and has a huge, gummy smilestill trying to capture a good picture of it.

UPDATE: We are now in Austin! All of you were right, by the way. Flying with a newborn was no problem at all. She slept almost the ENTIRE timelike from the moment we left the house, the drive to Salt Lake, all the hullabaloo at the airport, the flight to Denver, waiting for our connection, boarding our second flight, and about thirty minutes short of arriving in TexasShe slept through ALL OF THAT. It was pretty miraculous. I'm still in awe.

We are still getting acquainted with a new city/living space, but so far we are liking it. This place has a lot of character, and I think it will be a good fit for us. More updates to come!*

*hopefully. turns out being this little newb's mommy is busy busy work. typing with one hand as we speak...

Monday, June 3, 2013

baby hangout

Jacob left for Austin on Friday morning, and me and Rose are missing daddy LOTS. Being apart even for just five days has been so much harder than I anticipated! Good thing my mom is here to keep me sane/make me delicious foodseriously, I'm talking homemade hummus, pitas, kashmir spinach + homemade naan + sweet potatoes, and fruit smoothies. Yep. My mom is awesooooome.

We'll be joining Papa bear in Texas Wednesday night. It really can't come soon enough.


Wish me luck with the flight. First time flying with a baby, and I'm super nervous.