Monday, June 3, 2013

baby hangout

Jacob left for Austin on Friday morning, and me and Rose are missing daddy LOTS. Being apart even for just five days has been so much harder than I anticipated! Good thing my mom is here to keep me sane/make me delicious foodseriously, I'm talking homemade hummus, pitas, kashmir spinach + homemade naan + sweet potatoes, and fruit smoothies. Yep. My mom is awesooooome.

We'll be joining Papa bear in Texas Wednesday night. It really can't come soon enough.


Wish me luck with the flight. First time flying with a baby, and I'm super nervous.


Angela D said...

Is there anything I can do for you? I feel so bad about not visiting you last month - I thought I'd finally be able to come with my companion but it didn't work and then we got reassigned. :( Definitely let me know!

Also, for flying with a baby, save nursing her for takeoff and landing, since the reason they freak out is they don't know how to pop their ears and it hurts (heck, it hurts adults). Swallowing helps relieve the ear pain and pop her ears. Plus, if she sleeps after nursing, she'll likely sleep on the flight.

Kayla said...

We flew to Wisconsin when Henry was just 10 days old, and it was a breeze. Everyone is like, "Oh, baby? Go right on through." Easiest flight ever. The movement on the plane is like opium. He hardly ever woke up. You'll be great. Good luck!

Alison Arntsen said...

ughhh that's toughhhh. i'm glad your mom is around!! flying with a newborn shouldn't be bad at all. you'll do great! it can be flustering though. i can't wait to hear about your adventures in austin!