Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30 weeks

I finally made it to my 30's, and i'm lovin it.
Thirty, flirty, and thrivingok, not so flirty, but check out this glorious girth that keeps on growin.
I'm, like, really really pregnant now.

A few facts about me and baby, as of late:

We took a trip to Arizona last weekend for a baby shower and got tons of BABY MERCH! It was so fun to finally get a bunch of little girl clothes. So many onesies! So much PINK! My heart was exploding.

While in AZ, I got to attend and sing at this lady's homecoming. I also had the honor of singing at her farewell 18 months agoat which time, she told me that I was invited to sing again when she got home, but I would have to bring "my child" with me. We laughed about it then. After all, I wasn't even married yet. But wow. Pretty prophetic.

We love broccoli and leafy green vegetables. Yes, I'm serious. Especially raw broccoli. But hey, healthy cravings are cool because you don't have to fight them! Eat all the broccoli I can handle = NO GUILT. However, my unrestrained appetite at my work's Cookie Bake-off Social last week = SO MUCH GUILT.

Pants with zippers feel like a distant memory. Very distant. No complaints though. With a big, elastic band around my waistI've got no problems.

Along those lines, the fun part about turning into a big mama is having to get new clothes! Cuz yeah, what else can I do? This baby (my belly) ain't getting any smaller. And to my joy and surprise, there's actually some cute maternity-wear out there.

By the way, any idea where I can get some maternity tights? Cuz the thing about tights is that they're tight

I have come to realize that when someone says that you're "all belly," they mean that as a complimentI think. Still not entirely sure.

We love cheesey, prenatal yoga videoslike this one.

Jacob and I started our hypnobirthing class, and it has been cool. I'm already feeling more confident about this birthin' business. And the relaxtion CD that I'm supposed to listen to every day is pretty dreamy. Like... it puts me to sleep so fast.

Relaxation tracks + bubble bath = transcendent, prenatal spa day for Holli.

I only work for FOUR MORE WEEKS. Meaning, I only commute for FOUR MORE WEEKS. I forecast some pleasant changes in my life. Big changes too. Kinda crazy to think about.

I'm pretty sure I almost passed out on the Frontrunner last week, and continue to have uncomfortable, dizzy spells almost every morning while I ride. I think my big belly is cutting off my circulation. Starting today, I am careful to stand up and stretch my legs when I feel a spell coming on. It helped.

CHARLEY HORSES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!! How does something so painful have such a cute name and bring THIS IMAGE to mind?!?

I'm pretty sure that I slept through the entire duration of sacrament meeting on Sunday. And yeah... we have one o'clock church now. I justify my behavior with this attitude: I'M PREGNANT. I DO WHAT I WANT. Deal with it.

The physical/mental/spiritual/emotional preparations have begun to welcome this baby girl into our lives, and we are so so excited.


Afton LeSueur said...

This seriously happened to me yesterday: I was at the mall looking for easter dresses, and we went to every store you can imagine and I hated every dress I saw. Then, in Gap Maternity, I saw the cutest dress I'd seen all day. Maybe I should get pregnant before Easter so I can get that dress?? Haha!

Anna Jay said...

Holl. You look ADORABLE! And you got to play with a puppy?! I am so happy for you and your lil' bump. So proud to know someone as beautiful as you, inside and out.

Jordyn said...

Ahahahaha Charley Horse from Lambchop...ahahaha. Although they are truly miserable and I'm so sorry you're having them. Trivia: I get them sometimes, and my mom said the only time she's ever had charley horses was while she was pregnant with me. Weird!

kate said...

I really love these photos.

And okay, I don't even know your friend, but I clicked on her blog and... "various ways i bring the rain" REALLY?! That is forever and always the best blog name I've ever heard. THE BEST.

Amy said...

i wondered about the "all belly" comments too after hearing like fifty people tell you that at your shower. i didn't know if i was supposed to congratulate you or yell at the people telling you that. "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO MY FRIEND!!"

and i like your friend kate. she internet-validates me.

Amber Marie said...

internet-validates? putting that one on my bucket list.

i think all belly is a compliment. whatever it means you do look fantastic. i bought some maternity clothes a couple weeks ago because they were just too cute and on clearance. the girl at the register who was not older than 19 told me that her and all the girls there had been admiring the maternity section and talking about whether it was ok to wear them when not pregnant.

i think all women would have happier days if we didn't have zippers on our pants and just a giant elastic band. i mean think about it.

Alison Arntsen said...

i love your dress. four more weeks of work! holla! hypnobirthing! holla!

Amy said...

Maternity jeans are THE BEST. I haven't found maternity tights, either, but someone needs to get on that.

I did a 90s prenatal yoga video on Hulu when I was pregnant. It was a guy leading it with this girl who was in baby blue spandex following along. So great.