Thursday, January 31, 2013

Magic Song: LENNY

"Lenny," Stevie Ray Vaughan

I would love to drift into a deep winter's nap on the lovesac, wrapped in my favorite microplush blanket with this track swooning in the background. Preferably after eating a bowl of macaroni and cheesethe shells or spongebob variety, to be specific. Trust me, it would be heavenly.

They say he wrote this song for his wife, Lenora. I imagine Mr. SRV said it best when he said nothing at alljust let that sexy guitar do all the talkin, Stevie.

p.s. I hope your enjoying this Youtuber's aesthetic choice to "enhance this beautiful instrumental by SRV with natural pics of outer space, galaxies, stars etc..." as much as I am.

p.p.s. This song brings back a rush of good memoriesmostly of my little brother, Sky. Dang, I miss that kid.

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Alison Arntsen said...

guhhh spongebob macaroni...mmmm.