Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby at 20 weeks


legs and feet

The last look we had at Baby Robinson was the big 20-week ultrasound.
These photos just mesmerize me. 
That little profile. Those tiny legs and feet.
That's really our baby girl in there. 

A few facts about me and baby these days:

We love to eat ice. So much that I sometimes find the idea of eating a snowball in our front yard as a treat very appealing. Or sucking on an icicle. I've heard this means I'm iron deficient. Which probably means I should be taking a supplement... or eating more steak. I really don't want my love for ice to disappear though! If you were a fly on the wall in our home, you would often hear me calling to Jacob in the kitchen, "Honey! I want some CUBES!"

I've surrendered to my newly-discovered obsession with sweets. I've never been a huge sweets person to begin with. I've always liked cake, brownies, cookies, ice cream, etcbut never loved them. Definitely never craved them. I was always more drawn to tart and savory flavors. Not anymore. Suddenly, things like chocolate, waffles, pastries, and cupcakes are ever on my mind. So... you know... if you ever feel like randomly taking me on a date to Cocoa Bean or Awful Waffle.. I mean... I won't turn you away.

Just before you think I'm a complete sugar-glutton, I've also discovered a new love for baby carrots. Never liked raw carrots before. Now I eat them every day. They are basically my default snack. Pregnancy can work all kinds of weirdness on you, man.

I'm getting big, but I can still sleep soundly through the night. In fact, I think I'm getting better sleep now than I did a few months agoalthough my dreams have been super weird and vivid, and I sometimes get woken up in the morning by violent kicks from baby. I assume she is hungry for her breakfast. Sorry baby! I'm up I'm up...

Another man at work asked me if I am expecting twins. When I told him no, he looked concerned and said, "You look well-along." To that, I wanted to say, "Dude! I AM well-along! I've been pregnant for HALF of a YEAR." I should have something to show for it, right?

People say all kinds of awkward things to you when you're pregnant.

I want so badly to buy baby clothes and all the adorable baby merch out there, but Jacob keeps reminding me to wait until I've had a baby shower. He keeps me practical. Still, so so tempting.

I signed up for a hypnobirthing class. Kinda nervous. Kinda excited.

Me and baby do yoga together, though some of those poses are becoming more challenging with my big belly in the way. Can't give it up though. It's our bonding time.

She has a name. And a middle name too. At least, we are pretty sure about it. If you ask me, I'll probably tell you. But I don't want to "announce" anything until she's here and it's final.

We love our baby girl.


Afton LeSueur said...

I did the bradley method, not hypnobirthing, but I just want to tell you YOU CAN DO IT! When I told people I wanted to have a natural birth, I felt like everyone was so negative. LIke everyone said, "You don't know what you are getting into." Anyway, in case people are saying that to you, don't listen!

Chitney said...

Holli I'm sure your the cutest baby mama around! Pregnancy is just weird no big deal! Brittney Turley Aldridge did the hypnobirthing and my cousin did the bradley method they both liked it! I had an epideral and loved every minute of it! Do WHATEVER you want! Love you!

Amber Marie said...

You have good friends (totally agree with last 2 comments). Love this list. I ate fruit like crazy with Camilla. Hormones are strange!!

Alison Arntsen said...

baby baby baby!

leean robinson said...

We love her already too! Glad you are able to keep doing the yoga. Practicing focus skills will come in handy during delivery :)

Amy said...

oops. sorry i announced the name to everyone i saw...should've read your blog first.