Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Luke the Chihuahua

"Is Luke shaking because he thinks we're giants?"Noah, age 5

As much as I love the entire canine family, I kinda used to think chihuahuas were yappy, annoying, little rat-dogs. Well, after meeting Luke, my nieces and nephews' present from Santa, I have to take back all my harsh feelings about the breed. This lil' guy is doing great things for the chihuahua name. He's sweet, docile, he loves massages, and looks adorable in a sweater.

I miss my snuggle-baby.

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travis said...

Loved getting caught up on your blog. You look beautiful pregnant. Sounds like you guys had a great vacation in AZ. Dad and Josh are there with you right now. I'm glad they are staying with you while they are in UT. I'm off to Travis' wrestling match. He's doing great. Will post pics later. Also, this is mom not Travis. I just noticed its signed in under Travis.