Monday, January 28, 2013

Third Trimester Kickoff

This is why Mondays are currently the best...


I get to knock off another week on my baby countdown! Whoo hoo!
Another week of pregnancy survived. Another week closer to Baby Robinson.

The reason why this Monday is especially monumental is that it kicks off the beginning of my
*someone strikes a gong*
(I kinda feel like I deserve a third trimester kick-off party, but I also feel like I deserve A LOT of things when pregnant)

But wow. It's HERE. The beginning of the end. I really have to start getting my mama-act together 
and seriously consider the idea of pushin this baby out... because it WILL happen eventually.

Any tips for surviving the third trimester?
This rookie needs your wisdom.


Afton LeSueur said...

Make your husband rub your feet A LOT. Every time I want a foot rub, I'm mad at myself for not playing the pregnancy card more often when I was pregnant and MAKING my husband rub my feet :)

The Joneses said...

Rest, exercise, rest, lots of water (I know that's so annoying to keep up on when all you're doing is going to the bathroom it seems like), and REST. I did not listen to the midwives (or my husband for that matter) enough when they told me to rest, but after labor I realize why they kept saying it. Your body will be pushed to its limits, so you need all the prep you can get. And exercise in my opinion helps with endurance aspect of labor. Keep up the good work, Holli!

leean robinson said...

Wow, this is going fast! Glad you are feeling so great. Things get interesting the last month especially in the sleeping department. I'm glad you are healthy and strong. You will be such an amazing mother. I can tell already.

Ryan Wilson said...

woohoo! it is so fun to check off the weeks right? the third trimester is my favorite. there is no getting around the fact that you are BIG! people are so nice when you are really pregnant and random people want to have conversations with you (as you have already experienced). it is a charming time of life.

Ryan Wilson said...

again, this is amber. although i'm sure ryan has some amazing pregnancy thoughts to share....

Amy said...

what the heck is tahini?? am i reading your grocery list right?