Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Animals Can Be Almost Human

There are times when I get stressed/worried/frustrated. It's ok. It's a part of being human... and female. However, I have a husband who is a "fixer," a problem-solver, an engineerand when these episodes arise, he really can't help himself. He must do what he does best. He must fix! Though I often resist his efforts (I mean, whatever I'm fussing over obviously can't be corrected simply by his intervention, right?), he must always try.

And sometimes, he gets it right.

For instance, the other night I was in stress/worry mode. I was sure I had lost my flash drive forever. The one I swore I would never lose. The one I should've backed up. The 8 GBs packed with all my project files over the last few years, all contained in a cute lil' orca-shaped device. The one that was irreplaceable. Gone.

Not the end of the worldbut indeed, upsetting. 

Jacob's first reaction: Help me brainstorm all the places I could've left it. Jacob's second reaction: Search the house in all the places I probably didn't look. I admit, he is a lot better at finding my "lost" things than I am. However, both of these attempts prove to be futile. But his third reactionnow that was golden!

Jacob's third reaction: I am lying on the lovesac in pouting-mode. I have given up. I can't be consoled. After searching in the bedroom, he returns and sits by my side holding this volume of literature:

Yes, the 1979 classic from Reader's Digest, Animals Can Be Almost Human! He opens the book, leafs through the pages, and begins reading me the chapter entitled "Bear Tracks in the Bathtub" about a baby bear cub named "Mr. B" who becomes endeared to a family living near the Cascade Mountains in Washington.The story was cute, funny, and heartwarming. Triple-threat.

Goshdangit. It worked. Still no flash drive. But the stress? *Poof!*

So now you know the secret. If I'm losing it, just read me animal stories or show me a video of pug puppies on YouTubeI'm pretty sure Jacob has used that one too. I'm that ridiculously simple.


Another fun fact about this book: It was gifted to me almost two years ago by Sister Amy Hansen, who gets home from her Tahitian mission like TOMORROW! Can't wait to see her! Anyway, I think she found this book at her grandma's house or somewhere, and intuition told her that it was obviously meant for me. Probably one of the best gifts ever.


Please bless that I really do find that flash drive though...


Amber Marie said...

that is very sweet. i do hope you find the flash drive. i hate, hate losing things. you know one time when we were living in orem ryan was helping a guy in our ward with something. they were saving a document to the guy's flash drive and ryan quickly clicked "yes" or "ok" to a warning pop up box came up and it DELETED EVERYTHING ON THE GUY'S FLASH DRIVE. EVERYTHING. It had all his work research, school papers/homework. Everything. That was terrible because it was someone else's! So, we know how that goes. Dang technology! So useful uuntil it's not.

Amy said...