Saturday, June 28, 2008

12 Unpleasant AZ things I would do to be in AZ

1. Lay out in the sun for ten hours straight with sunscreen only on the bottom of my feet
2. Eat the egg that I fried on the sidewalk
3. Hug a cactus
4. Lick on of those fuzzy-looking cacti that appear harmless, but are killers!!!
5. Challenge Shaq to a freestyle rap battle.
6. Get my special deputy badge taken away by county sherrif, for rapping inappropriate things at Shaq.
7. Work at sunsplash...
8. Swim in a freshly chlorinated pool with my eyes open until they sting and are bloodshot and my hair is green
9. Charm a wild rattle snake
10. Get so many scorpion stings, that I am immune to their poison.
11. Drink only the nasty tap water.
12. Go to a Cardinals game

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

invite me to #5-6, and please for the sake of your health and sanity don't drink the tap water!