Tuesday, July 19, 2011

29 days

Inside this box is the most important gift I'll ever give to anyone. . .

I already knew what Jacob wanted as far as wedding rings went. we looked around a little bit and tried some different things on at the jewelry stores. I remember the first time I saw him slip a gold ring onto his left hand-- I literally got chills down my spine. It looked so perfect on his finger, and made me so excited.

Without him knowing, I went ahead and bought the ring he wanted without telling him. That night we decided to go on a walk through the park where we got engaged. I secretly nestled the box into the pocket of my trousers.  I felt so sneaky! The mood was light, carefree, and romantic as we walked through the park and reminisced about the night we got engaged. We finally made our way to "the spot," that is, the place where Jacob actually got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. We relived it a little: the slow dance, the sweet words, and then Jacob got back down on his knee just for fun.

"Get up!" I said.

"Huh?! What? Get up?"

"Get up!"

He got up slowly, kind of confused. Probably thinking, "I was just having a little fun. . ."

And then I dropped down on one knee, pulled the box from my pocket, and presented it to him:

"Jacob, will you be my husband?"

His face was priceless. I am sure he thought I was joking, and then he saw the ring. All he could do was laugh, completely speechless. Then, I finally got to see the real thing on his hand. More chills.

I wouldn't let him keep the ring-- to his disappointment. "Why do girls get to wear theirs while they are engaged? It's not fair!" he complained. Still, I just had to show it to him, and I could not pass up  the opportunity to surprise Jacob by proposing to him!


Angela said...

good idea ;) annie did that too

Julie said...

You guys are MFEO

becky+cade said...

cute!! cade always wanted a ring to wear when we were engaged too! ha ha! we girls are pretty lucky! (: