Saturday, July 23, 2011

24 days

Dancing in my head. . .

We are Arizona for the weekend! Today I have a family/ward bridal shower + final dress fitting, and on Monday we take bridal photos. Can't wait. As long as the July heat doesn't kill us, all should go well. I have been trying to prepare Jacob for the intensity of the heat and dryness here, but I don't think he really understood. When we drove into Mesa last night, he stuck his hand outside the window and felt the hot 100-degree air outside of the cool, air-conditioned car.

"why is it so HOT??? Doesn't it cool down at night???"

"Jacob, this IS cooled down."


We know this is going to be a test of love for all who travel down to see us at our wedding. We express our apology and appreciation in advance. If it is any consolation, the reception is indoors :)


Megs said...

I just told Adam that story cause I thought he would think it was funny that Jacob didn't believe you and then HE didn't believe ME!! I told him it can still be 100 degrees outside even with the sun down and he's like, "yeah right, you don't remember! you haven't lived there in years!" am I really remembering wrong?!? we'll find out soon enough I guess!

Kristine said...

i love those earrings. got your annoucnement in the mail! darling!

Musing Elitist said...

i am totally about to purchase those earrings! they will look so lovely on you. i cannot wait to see your have such a wonderful style