Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 sister hansen and the robinsons.

qtd. from sister hansen's missionary blog that alison has been keeping up for her:

". . .let me just tell you about the best day of my life yesterday. mrs. holli hale robinson is probably the best human on the planet. imagine my surprise when, as i'm getting ready after gym to go to lunch, i heara knock on the door in my residence hall and open it up to see her smiling face. WHAT?!!!! SHE BROKE INTO THE MTC TO BRING ME CAFE RIO WHAT?!!!! not that i'm condoning breaking into the mtc. that girl has guts. but seriously. it made my day. no. it made my mtc stay. it was so awesome to see her and hug her! it was like unreal though. i think i've become one of those socially-awkward-around-normal-humans missionaries. which is unfortunate. but i was so happy to see her. and then when i walked back into the room with that pork salad (i'll be honest, i very briefly considered running and hiding and eating it all by myself in the bathroom or something, but i decided to try and be christlike, and also the mental image of me eating a pork salad by myself on the toilet was just too pathetic), there was much rejoicing in the land. everyone went crazy. it's like we were on drugs for real, we were all so happy. so holli, if you're reading this (i'mgoingto write you a letter anyway), just know that you made a lot of people happy that day. i'm pretty sure you will be exalted for that. and you freaking snuck into the mtc. respect forever and always."

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