Monday, September 19, 2011

one month

To celebrate our "one month" landmark of being married, we had a lovely evening at the temple + a tasty dinner at Guru's (best sweet potato fries in town), and then we did this. . .

Indoor camping

that's right. we camped indoors. our original plan was set up camp in the backyard, but the rude weather kept us in the shelter of our home. Still, pitching our tent in the living room was such a success. we put our futon mattress in there + mattress pads +  our softest blankets + tons of pillows. it kinda looked like the inside of the "I Dream of Jeannie" lamp when we were done with it:

okay. . . maybe not that cool, but it was super comfy!

then we turned the lights out, and laid under the stars. . .

star lamp

I got one of these cute little star lamps for jacob last valentine's day.  finally, we put it to good use! yes, we are cheesey, romantic dorks.

After setting it all up, we snuggled in our tent and watched Tangled on my laptop via netflix. . .

we had never seen it before, but we both loved it. really cute and the animation was so beautiful! i am notorious for falling asleep during movies, but this was one of the few that I stayed up past midnight to watch-- which is actually a huge success for me. poor jacob has to watch the end of most movies by himself.

we loved our tent so much that we actually slept in it all weekend! friday night + saturday night + a 3-hour mega-nap on sunday. finally, we had to make oursleves take it down sunday night and sleep in our "real" bed. i predict that we will whip out the tent again soon though-- hopefully for real camping. best wedding gift ever!

i can't believe we have been married for a month already. the days are flying! i am happy to say that we have comfortably settled into married life. it has been a natural transition. in fact, not much has changed. we are still the same people going through life doing the same things we always did. now we just get to live the way we've been wanting to for the past year--sharing everything together. and let me tell you, it's a lot easier (and more fun) to face the day-to-day with the one you love.

discovering married life has been exciting and revealing altogether. there are so many things i want to say about marriage and my husband. i feel like i learn something new and valuable every day, and that marriage (so far) is making me a better person. maybe i'll express these thoughts more in the future, but for now i'll just say. . .

the state of the union is strong!

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Whitney and Chad said...

you guys are wierd! but I'm definately inspired!