Sunday, September 25, 2011

wedding day: family pictures

this post is mainly for our family members who want to see all the group shots. these were taken right before the reception, outside of val vista lakes clubhouse. i love the way they turned out. again, all photos taken by cami dunn (

the robinson fam

the robinson "originals"
(minus spouses and babies) + me

mother and father of the groom

the wilsons, 
jacob's sister's darling family

adam and megan robinson + lil' elijah
eli's face just kills me!

alex + jacob 
(best friends)

camilla is so darling

my uncle don, who left his conference in san antonio early to make it to the wedding

my new nephew, dane!

i seriously wanted to kidnap this kid, he's so dang cute.

the hale "originals" + jacob
(minus TJ, who couldn't get out of a business trip)

the whole hale fam

mother and father of the bride

the glovers
(my sister, jheri's cute family)

TJ couldn't make it, but my awesome sister-in-law, Tressa, still came with little Luke

the campbells
my sis, tricia + chase +kate + baby crew

these little girls were helping me with my dress all night long


all the ladies

i'm not so good at the "fake laughing" thing, but jheri has it down

the wedding party

the handsome men

you have no idea how hard it was to take this picture with all these crazy little girls. i am literally holding kate by her shirt to keep her in place.

one the best things about weddings is just getting all the family together. it was so lovely to see everyone and celebrate. and shout-out to my fam: if any of you guys want these photos, let me know and i will send them your way! love you.


Megs said...

all your pictures look so good!! i really should've stood up straight in them.... i look like a hunchback. but oh well! and Adam looks so little next to Jacob! i thought it was Josh or Travis at first and didn't even recognize him.

beautiful pictures! :)

leean robinson said...

I wish now I would have not spent 3 hours last Friday morning sorting through all the wedding pics on the CD's you guys sent us. If I had waited I could have just gone on your blog - since you did all the work for us, haha. No, actually, I loved going through all the pictures and seeing all your bridals and looking at again at that beautiful reception in that beautiful Country Club. You certainly have ALOT of beautiful wedding memories that were captured on film. It really was such a beautiful day!