Thursday, September 1, 2011

marriage: day 17

Jacob talks in his sleep.

and by "talk" I really mean:

J: AHHHHH!!! [rolls over in bed and covers his face with his hands]

H: [wakes up startled] WHAAAA?!? WHAT IS IT? WHAT'S WRONG, HONEY????

J: They're up there! They're on the ceiling! [still covering his face and seeming very much disturbed]

H: Huh? What???

J: SPIDER WEBS!! Spider webs are above us! They're on my face!

Of course I was only half awake at this point and had no idea that he was only sleep-talking. I was frightened and really thought there was a big spider that fell on jacob that might be in our bed now. Jacob seemed to calm down and stop fussing about the spiders, but it freaked me out! I curled under the covers and went back to sleep.

In the morning, I still wasn't sure what had happened. Jacob was brushing his teeth when i asked him, "Honey what happened last night??" Did a spider fall on your face or something???"

"Huh. . .?" He seemed to have no idea of what I was talking about. ". . .Oh yeah! I think I had a dream that we woke up and there were all these spider webs on our ceiling!"

When his old companions at his mission reunion told me the story about him standing up in his sleep and yelling,"SPIDERS!! SPIDERS!!!"-- I somehow didn't put together that this would be something I would probably witness in the near future. Now I have. Does my husband have a problem with frightmares? Is he pathologically afraid of spiders?? Still don't know what to think.

But it's pretty funny.

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granny said...

At our house we call it the "Dixon sleep genes," but it isn't is me {and several of our children.} Makes for some funny stories!