Tuesday, December 15, 2009


No I didn't. . .
But I've thought about it A LOT.
I'm so bored with my one, good-for-nuthin' hairstyle that I tried about 30 new ones-- digitally.

These fabulous styles were all inspired by the hottest celebrities of our day:

(please don't take any of this too seriously)

Michelle Obama
Hope and Change!!!

To me this one says "Hot Hair, Hot Husband, Cool New Life."

J Lo
 A new "do" can be a big ASSet.

Uhhhh. . . forgot who this is,
but she's got some WILD hair.


Amy Adams
Enchanting??. . . pfff!

Drew Barrymore
Josie Grossy?? I don't think so!!

Some Disney chick with a glam ponytail.

Victoria Beckham
Zizazig Ha!

Taylor Swift
I'm just "sneakers in the bleachers" *sigh*

Cameron Diaz
la la la la la. . .

Debra Messing
I would love to pull off golden red hair.
This one kind of looks pageant girl.

I'm just an orange county guuurl.

"I don't even really like attention on me. . ."

Zooey Deschanel
oooooh, indie, hipster icon!

Keira Knightley
Yeah, I think only hot chicks can pull this one off. . .

Julia Roberts
da na na na naaaa! Pretty Woman!

Christina Hendricks

Hillary Clinton
(sans pantsuit)

Jennifer Garner
"thirty, flirty, and thriving!"

Katie Holmes
"ooooh. . . I'm Katie Holmes! I'm Married to Tom Cruise!! Oooooh!!!"

Lady Gaga
nuff said.

Sarah Palin
Oh Sarah. . .   everyone hates you but me.

Farrah Fawcett
May your perfectly feathered locks R.I.P

Jennifer Connelly
Really wish I could make a braid around my head
with this thick, shiny black hair.

Well, what do you guys think about this??
Should I go for one of these?????

I'm kind of embarrassed about how much fun I had with this.
Probably a little too much fun. . .
Try it for yourself here!


Jheri said...

You look like Hilary Duff in some of these! LOL And to be honest, the Cameron Diaz one looked the best, I liked it! Whatever you do, don't go butch...not your thing!

Afton LeSueur said...

so, by Taylor Swift, did you actually mean Holli Hale? Because that one basically just looks like a regular picture of you. Also, you looked extra hot in Victoria Beckham's hair. I know it is random that I stalk you blog, and that now I'm revealing it by commenting.

Whitney said...

I vote Amy Adams Hair! Or Julia Roberts!

Jordyn said...

Holli you are rockin these! I can't lie to you; I may have said the words, "That Sarah Palin one looks good on her!" What can I say, you look good in brunette!

Alison said...

this post turned out wonderfully. worth all of those hours. and i second jordyn's comment.

Rebecca said...

i think i showed this to everyone i know. the hilary clinton was so classic hahaha. i wish i had a hot face that could pull off any hairstyle....

Chase & Tricia said...

THat was awesome....definitely cameron diaz or taylor swift!

Amy said...

i've totally done that before. and i think my favorite part of this post was your captions.

you could totally pull off red hair i think.

Amy said...

gross. i say totally way too much. i apologize.

Taren said...

im a random person XD i think at least half of them work on you