Monday, October 19, 2009


Lately, I've really been missing some of the local acts from back home. Maybe there are fun groups that I've yet to discover in Provo, though I think BYU students are way too practical to start bands and succeed at them. I really miss checking the tempe/phoenix venues for shows each weekend and being excited-- no matter how many times I've seen 'em. Because of the of space and time we've shared, I feel a different love-connection for the good ol' local acts than for some of the big-shot bands I listen to. It's another sort of endearment entirely-- a kinship even. It's like one big love triangle. I love them. They love me for loving them. And they love each other. Love and Music. It's the award-winning combination.

Here's a few of my hometown sweethearts:

Black Carl "chemistry" (irresistible funk)

Kinch "london town" (wait for that freaky wail at the end)

What Laura Says "I dance for you only" (love this song!)

Busk'n Cuffs "feel it." I really couldn't help putting my lil' brudder's band up here. They are just way too precious.


Myke said...

Shark Speed is a legit Provo band. I miss AZ music too.

Chase & Tricia said...

I like that love of yours---you have always had a great way with creative music!