Saturday, August 7, 2010

Brock Visits Provo

My Unusual Friend  Fruit Bats

Last week I got a text from Brock (my good-for-nuthin' teenage brother) that read:


What a pleasant surprise! I really don't have any family in Utah or nearby, so I get really stoked when anybody from home comes to visit. I quickly rode over to BYU's baseball field to pick him up for some brother-sister fun.

 I gave him a a quick tour of BYU, we made fun of the EFY kids, and I showed him the best pizza in Provo.
I showed him where I live, and he jumped on my trampoline.
We had a fun time chit-chatting too.

Brock describing me as best as he can in teenage-boy language:

"You are an interesting cracker . . . [Me: Whaaa??? haha] Yeah. . . you're a weird cracker. I mean you're just not, like, normal. You're just not like a normal girl. . . I mean, you're not bad, but I dunno. . . You went to FRANCE and you went to SINGAPORE. . . I guess you just like to study things. . . Yeah, you just like to explore. You're like freakin' Dora the Explorer. . ."

That kid just kills me.


alison said...

dude i got the blogroll boot. that's like kicking someone off your top 10 on myspace. internet dissed.

Chase & Tricia said...

Ha Ha....I love his description...I could just hear his voice saying it too!

小龍 said...
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