Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conference Weekend Getaway

Jacob and I got tickets for the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions of General Conference, and decided to escape Provo and make a weekend of it.

This included:

+ a picnic by the SLC library
+ a little canyon drive, listening to afternoon session on the radio
+ tasty lunch at Ruth's Diner
+finding that the car battery was dead, getting some lady rugby players help push Jacob's Exterra in order to start the manual transmission
+ Perusing around Gateway Mall, (which included my much anticipated trip to Anthropologie) while Jacob went to Priesthood session
+ McDonald's for 7-month sundaes
At the end of this tremendous day, we both realized that it was the day of us being together for 7 months. We were surprised that we both forgot (we usually do little things to celebrate each month landmark), but we decided to find a place to get ice cream and quickly ran in to a McDonald's, which lead to this. . .

We are dorks. That's all there is to it.

We spent the night at the home of some of Jacob's relatives, and we woke up to this!!
So much snow! Not a typical April Conference day, but it was still lovely and conference was great.

 This was our scenery on the way back to Provo. We got out of the car to capture this lovely sunset.
It was a dreamy weekend getaway.

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