Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Husky Convention + Conference

Jacob's parents and younger brothers (Josh and Travis) came to visit us in Provo over conference weekend. Their stay proved to be fun, relaxing family time + the Robinsons were able to attend a few sessions of general conference together in Salt Lake. Our only challenge was keeping the teenage boys entertained between sessions. Our house is not that exciting (no Xbox/only basic cable TV), and I could tell they were getting bored fast. I could only think of one decent solution...

We would take them to the HUSKY CONVENTION!!


Yes, you heard me right. There were rumors of a Siberian Husky Convention taking place in downtown Provo. Naturally, I was intrigued. However, there was virtually no information about this event on the internetthe date and location was all I knew.  We went on blind faith that, indeed, we would find a Husky-related event and see at least a few of these beautiful creatures.  Indeed, we found the promised Husky Convention. I was in Husky heaven.

True husky champions being judged in show.


This shirt almost had me in tears. DOUBLE MEANING!!!
I'm so fascinated with this husky subculture. Learning so much.

Preppin' for the big show.

Josh and Travis probably thought I was a little too obsessed with the Husky Convention, but I know they were secretly loving it too. Next, we took these boys to the Provo Farmers Market.  We showed them the best waffles in town, and they helped us pick out a pumpkin for Halloween.

After J-Dawg's for lunch and playing pool at the Wilk, it was time to head to SLC for the Priesthood session. 
Josh and Trav were so tuckered out that they napped the whole ride. 


Brothers going to the Priesthood sesh.

While the men attended Priesthood, I met up with Mama Robinson and my friend, Kari. Priesthood session is always the best for some seriously overdue "girl time." We explored the Church History Museum (my fav) and City Creek, and talked talked and talked. After the session, the family regrouped and went for dinner at Ruth's Diner in the canyonone of my favorite places, and I guess it's sort of become a conference tradition for me and Jacob.

I really enjoyed this day. 
Family + conference + huskies = all things Holli needs.


Amber Marie said...

you are officially the favorite married couple for the babies (josh and trav). congratulations ;)

Jordyn said...


They have this big dog show in Denver every year in February, and my mom would always make us go for her birthday. It was always hilarious and weird and adorable.

leean robinson said...

Travis liked seeing his picture in this entry and I loved seeing the pictures of the dogs. Siberian huskies are the most beautiful dogs out there. What a fun day. Thanks for entertaining the guys.

TJ said...

DO Husky's not poop while they are competing?? That floor looks clean enough to eat from.