Wednesday, December 19, 2012

o christmas tree

Behold, our very first Christmas tree. It was found on KSL for a good price, and purchased from a very jolly Hispanic man whose entire house was filled with Christmas decorations. He continually explained to us how much he and his wife love Christmas, and gifted us with two of his own nutcrackers that sat on his shelfone for me and one for "the baby." He insisted. He even gave Jacob a hug before we left. We decided that he, his name was Gabriel, truly had the spirit of Christmas. Glad we bought our first tree from someone like that.

The decorations are modest. We bought just enough ornaments to adorn one side of the tree. My projectthe red pom-pom garlandremains to be finished. The tree itself is obviously a fake, though we have a very nice candle to substitute the lack of aroma. Definitely not the grandest tree you ever saw, but when we lit it up in the roomit was pretty magical.

Jacob put an old Christmas album that we found at D.I. on the record player, and for a good hour we just cuddled on the couch, admiring our tree.

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Jordyn said...

So dang Christmasy. I love it