Monday, August 12, 2013

Barton Springs

Me and my little "pool hunny"

Jacob dipped Rose's feet in the cold water, which made her pretty grumpy! It's not really visible in this pic, but in person you can see a bit of the Austin skyline hovering in the distance.

Jacob doing a flip off the diving board

On Saturday we took a little family outing downtown to Barton Springs. I'm kinda in love with this place. Something about it feels so 1950s and dreamy. It is hot-hot-hot here in Austin, and Jacob was craving a swim in some kind of cool body of water. (Not a chlorinated pool—a river, lake, ocean, anything!) This hit the spot so good. And Rose got to sport a her lil' swimsuit for the first time!

To top it off, we hit a cute drive-in nearby for some burger and fries + custard. It was a pretty perfect day together. Summer's almost overtime to get our last kicks in Austin!


Amber Marie said...

I guess we should have braved the motorcycle brigade and gone to barton springs that night! looks like a blast. ryan has been asking me to blog too. I didn't realize he cared either haha.

I'm thinking that taco you had at Torchy's can be re-created? Let's try!

Rose is the cutest. Can't wait to cuddle and love her!

Jordyn said...

That baby...killin me with all the cute