Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Home in Provo

Back in Provo. We made it home! These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind trying to make the most of our last days in Austin, visiting family in South Texas, tying up loose ends, packing, moving, traveling (by the way, Rose was pretty perfect on her two flights back to Utah*), getting reestablished here in Provo. Whew! Overall, it's been pretty exhausting, but we did it.

Upon returning, the default conversation question that people keep asking is "so how was your summer?" To be honest, I don't exactly know how to answer this. I feel like I'm still processing everything that happened and the growth that occurred. Of course, the easy is answer is "It was great!" And it was. We loved Austin. Jacob loved his job. We got to know some pretty great people. Church was great. We had a lovely time getting to know this little girl that has come into our lives, and watching her begin to grow and develop. We were obsessed with FNL and Blue Bell ice creamwell, mostly me. We got to see the Alamo, and explore a part of the country we've never experienced before. WE ATE SO MUCH GOOD FOOD! We seriously considered accepting a job offer and stayinglike, for keeps.

at the Farmer's Market with Rose and my mom.

But all things considered, it was a challenging summer. It was hard moving away from family and friends right after having a baby, and bringing only what we could fit in our lil' 1995 Lexus sedan. It was hard re-habituating into a tiny, one-bedroom apartment with very little furniture, poor air conditioning, and no decor. It was hard not knowing anybody. It was hard figuring out this whole "mom" thing in a completely new sphere. There were some lonely days and a few lonely nights when Jacob had to work extra late. There were days filled with stress and anxiety.

Although some parts were difficult, if I could choose again, I would still do it. It was worth it for Jacob and his engineering experience, but it was worth it for me too. I feel like I came home a little stronger because I could do it, and I did. I can adapt. I can sacrifice. I can stay positive. I can even have a good sense of humor. I can do all of that... LIKE A BOSS.

* I should clarify. Yes, she was a perfect doll the entire time. Didn't cry. Hardly fussed. Charmed everyone around her, especially those who appeared wary of sitting near "the baby" on the plane. However, I think take-off literally scared the crap out of her. Either that, or she carefully waited to experience the thrill of passing a bowel movement in flight. Good thing I brought an extra onesie.

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