Friday, February 14, 2014

To Jacob (on Valentine's Day)

I know you've heard me sing this a million times now -- especially after I was randomly summoned to perform it at a furniture store on Tuesday (despite all my practicing, I had a brain freeze right in the middle of the song, and you still made me feel like a rock star). But I want you to know that my original vision for this little cover was for you on Valentine's day. I had high hopes of creating a real quality recording with multiple tracks for the guitar, vocals, and maybe even some cute harmonies. But you know me. I never get anything done. And let's be honest. I really don't have the equipment or skills to even create what most would consider a "quality recording."

What I did do was sit in the kitchen with my guitar while you were out, download a simple voice recording app on the iPad, and hit the "record" button. It's rough, raw, and unadorned. If anything, I'm just hoping that this recording will still exist maybe 10 years from now. We'll listen to it. Maybe our kids will listen to it. We'll laugh. I'll be a little embarrassed. And we'll remember our simple little life when we lived in that old house by the park. You were still a student and Rose was only a baby. Wherever and whenever that is, I hope we'll still be as in love as we are now (or more). If not, I hope this song will help us remember.

happy valentine's day, my love.


I know Freddie Mercury (R.I.P.) wrote these lyrics, but I mean 'em! Also, I think now that I've set this precedent, you should probably sing Styx's "Lady" for me next year... hint hint.