Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ragamuffins in Chinatown & Tinsel Town

Mike, being the good uncle that he is, took me and Sky on a little cultural excursion to the streets of downtown Hollywood.  We took a few detours to see the sights in Chinatown and Sunset Blvd., which is Sky's personal favorite (Tons o' guitar shops). It was a good time and a good photo op:

Tinsel Town is going down!!!

subway station. I didn't even know there was a metro in LA.
smile! we weren't supposed to be down here!


kimri said...

yes, holli...its amazing!! and im excited you are going to hawaii. if youre going to oahu, then you can definitely go to the set of lost. its just on the beach. idk what beach exactly but its up by north shore. just ask a local and they will know right where it is. ahhh i wanna go back already!

Chase & Tricia said...

Two comments: A: You look amazing! 2: You two look like twins...I guess that becomes a good thing for SKY!!! Come visit us someday, I miss you!

Jake Garn said...

haha! in the KISS picture I realy like the variety of all the shoes.

Anonymous said...

sigh...holli teach me to be like you. i like the shorts by the way. did you cut them off yourself?